$WIKI, $NOAH, $NEXO, $IPL, $FREC, $CRPT, and $BANCA live for trading.

On popular demand from our users, we have been listing new tokens for trading on CoinDCX. We are excited to announce 7 new tokens for trading in the BTC markets.

Now trade in $WIKI (WIKI Token), $NOAH (Noah Coin), $NEXO, $IPL (Insure Pal), $FREC (Freyr Chain), $CRPT (Crypterium), and $BANCA in the $BTC market on CoinDCX.

We are proud to deliver our promise of launching wallets after trading begins in new coins. $XLM is the first step towards the same.

Now deposit, withdraw and trade in $XLM in the $BTC market on CoinDCX. Check it out here.

Reach out to us with suggestions for new tokens on our Telegram group.

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