I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011/2012, when a family member asked if they could borrow my credit card to purchase some so he could order computers parts. I immediate said NO, I didn’t understand nor was I interested in tech.

As I grew older, I started to realize the importance of tech and how it is shaping the evolution of our society. I remember end of 2017, I was holding my crying baby and knew I had to commute to work the next day. I hated my job and the drive, I hated being a number in a large cooperation that didn’t care about its employees.

I always knew I wanted to own my own business and spend time with my family, but I wasn’t confident enough. I started hearing about cryptocurrency on Libertarian radio and figured I’d invest.

I did and it changed my life.

I initially quit my job to go back to school and figure my life out, but after finding crypto, I began to study the tech behind blockchain and understand why its so important for the average person.

There are so many faucets to crypto/blockchain, the area that initially interested me the most was trading. I saw it to make income while being a SHAM, however when I first started investing, I got REKT because I had no idea what I was doing. After months of practicing and trading I started to understand the basics and started doing well.

I began to post my content online and people liked it. From there, I realized there were a lack of meetups in my area and I wanted to meet more people that were interested in crypto. I began hosting free meetups and they began to grow.

Crypto is so vast and so new, there will  always be opportunities, just focus on your talents and how you can provide value.

As my online presence grew, I started getting opportunities to travel, host meetups and market for crypto companies. Today, I get to work from home, travel when needed and spend time with my family.Moral of my story, many times as women we feel inadequate, or that we can’t make it in a tech filed industry—that’s not true.

Crypto is so vast and so new, there will always be opportunities, just focus on your talents and how you can provide value. You will find your way and calling with persistence.

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