About Maria: Maria has worked in crypto space for more than a year now. She has been a news anchor at CryptoCoin.News. She has six years of experience as a journalist and a news presenter. She has also worked as a translator, interpreter and editor.

Her message: I may say that at first I haven’t entered the crypto sphere intentionally– it kind of embraced me itself. I was working as a radio presenter and an English-Ukrainian translator. My acquaintance was working on his crypto-related start-up, and he asked me to help with some copywriting and translations. So I helped him – this was the first time this topic got me interested. And after that I started to visit dozens of Blockchain conferences. Later on I was invited to be a presenter at a project “Crypta TV”, I was noticed there and invited to be an anchor at “CryptoCoin.News”. Later I got a ticket on a “Blockchain Cruise”, where I met some very interesting people from the crypto space. Here I also became friends with many crypto experts. There I’ve met a member of my current team “Crypto Market News”. At that time CryptoCoin.News didn’t know where to move further, and there were no perspectives, so I decided to join “Crypto Market News”. Now we are going on different conferences around the world and broadcast them live. I may say that I really enjoy being a member of a crypto community. I really feel that I found my true niche where I feel very comfortable. We have a very friendly crypto community here in Kyiv, Ukraine. We often gather at Blockchain Hub to discuss the latest crypto news and listen to Blockchain-related lectures.

You can find Maria on LinkedIn.

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