I have never thought about working in an IT company before but After years spent in fashion industry that was time to move somewhere else and explore other opportunities of this world. However that was not a spontaneous decision , i was never an investor or trader, but something deep inside of me was telling me that the future is accompanied by blockchain.

First time i’ve heard something about bitcoin was in 2016, when people started mining in my hometown and built lots of mining farms in Irkutsk.

Blockchain world is wide and people are openminded, which is a great plus. There are not many women in this field yet, but the situation is changing each day, i believe.

Blockchain is a right industry to build your career in. However people still think that blockchain is all about cryptocurrencies and are afraid that you will ask them to invest into it, after they hear you work in blockchain industry.

I wish the adoption of blockchain will take us all shorter time. This technology can change our society and bring us so many benefits.

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