About Anastasiia: Anastasiia has worked in project management, marketing, and culture development, in the course of her career. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Nottingham in Leadership and Management in Education. Her focus is on social media, marketing and community building with ICOs. Currently she is working in the blockchain industry, cryptocurrency, ICO Marketing and PR, which offers her the combination of intellectual challenges and leadership opportunities that both suit her skill set and inspire her to achieve her true potential.

Her message: From my perspective, women in blockchain have the power to transform the space, turn poor opinions of the market into strong, positive ones, and overall and bring it into its next phase, one of integrity and equality. I feel our work brings us, and the blockchain space overall, closer to that goal every day. Also, at Propulsive, we believe that blockchain technology is the future, and we see our mission as building community awareness and spreading the word about blockchain and dApps as the next alternative for applications built on the basis of equality and transparency.

You can find Anastasiia on LinkedIn.

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