Adel is the Co-Founder of DAPS Coin and The Crypto Collectors

Living in sunny Australia, crazy about all things coffee, crypto and unicorns, humans call me Adel de Meyer (@AdeldMeyer). I am the co-founder of a blockchain publication called The Crypto Collectors and co-founder of DAPS Coin, a privacy coin (cryptocurrency) launching in Q2 this year.

I come from a long and experienced marketing and PR background and have been recognized for the last 3 years as a top 100 marketing influencer across the globe for my contributions in the industry. My portfolio includes brands like Enjin, Huawei, Pitney Bowes, Adobe, Hootsuite and the Marriott Group. I am a contributor on TNW and Hacker Noon sharing technology pieces with the world.

Now, my mission is to contribute towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – it is the future and I am thrilled to be a part of the journey.

I’ve been a gamer since I can remember dating back to the days of the Atari consoles and games that we loved so much playing like Mario Bros and Space Invaders. With this interest, I always follow the gaming industry closely and saw the developments around the use of blockchain technology. Then the huge success of CryptoKitties came around in 2018 and I saw the big potential with a big gap in the market to get this to a level of mass adoption.

From there I wanted to be involved and started The Crypto Collectors giving blockchain companies and developers a platform to help with reaching new audiences out there. The coin I am developing called DAPS is a cryptocurrency which is another area that interests me naturally from the love of blockchain technology.

The biggest challenge at the moment I would say is finding a good balance between being a good leader for my team and community and juggling everything else that comes with the responsibility of driving successful startups. It is easy to get lost in work and not maintaining a healthy balance of ‘work time’ and ‘me time’. I think for most leaders and startups especially those driving new technologies and swimming around in unexplored waters, the pressure is overwhelming sometimes.

The flip side of that coin is obviously the reason why I jump out of bed excited for the new day every day at that is working with my amazing teams, seeing the great community feedback, forming industry changing partnerships and making a difference in the world. This brings me great pleasure and I wouldn’t trade the pressure and responsibilities for anything else. They say when you LOVE your job you never work a day in your life and that is true.

I’m excited about everything! Wow, there is SO much room for growth and innovation still in this space. We are just scratching the surface now at the start of 2019. Development tools are improving, we have multiverse games now thanks to the innovation of Enjin, DEXs are growing, organizations can create tools and apps to help with businesses efficiency that wasn’t possible before and we have social media and content platforms like Steemit growing at a rapid rate. In my opinion, I believe that gaming is going to bring the fastest mass adoption in this sector.

Just start! Don’t doubt yourself in a male-dominated industry (technology) and let planning, passion, and education be your weapons. Get out there and meet peers in the industry, build your connections, brainstorm with others and form partnerships that can help you bring your dream to a reality. Keep yourself educated by reading industry news daily, look for potential gaps in the market for example blockchain gaming marketing – the developers are all looking for help in this area at the moment or if you want to start your own product/service even better. Start by reading and researching the list of dapps they have to get inspired.

You can find Adel on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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