It’s a Super Sunday for Tron trading contest winners! Here’s who all got rewarded with ₹30,000 worth Tron (TRX) prizes.


Our friends at Tron foundation are embarking on a new phase in their journey. They are migrating off the Ethereum blockchain and launching their own mainnet on 31st May, 2018. CoinDCX has already announced full support for the token mainnet swap. We thought we should join the celebration

⚡️So we started #MegaTronGiveaway trading contest with ₹30,000 worth Tron(TRX) as prizes!

We have always applauded you for making our contests big, but this time even we were surprised as this was BIGGER than before!

The giveaway was held between 24th May-26th May.

₹77100602 (7.71 Crores) worth of TRX were traded in total 🔥 🔥

Thank you so much community for co-operating throughout the competition 🙏🏻 Hope you had an equally smooth trading experience on our platform 😁

Winners of the Highest Volume Trader contest 🔥🔥

  1. aks** won ₹12,000 worth of Tron|| Traded 2192083 TRX

  2. ka**********k******** won ₹10,000 worth of Tron|| Traded 2046877 TRX

  3. s******* won ₹8,000 worth of Tron|| Traded 1908542 TRX

Lucky winners of the awesome crypto t-shirts 👕

Note: Please share your Name, Delivery Address, Phone Number, T-Shirt Size and Choice of T-shirt (see available options at in the T-Shirt Section of the page, T-shirt variations are same as our previous giveaways) at

Also mention in the mail by tomorrow if you don’t want us to share you won this competition with our users and followers.

First 1000 KYC verifications

First 1000 people who registered for CoinDCX and completed the KYC verification during the course of the competition will be rewarded with ₹100 worth of TRX in their CoinDCX wallets by TOMORROW (28th May). 🤑🤑


We would love to share about your achievement with our users and followers on Social Media. If you would like that, please share your photo and social media handles (Twitter, Facebook or any other that your prefer) at and we will make sure we let everyone know how awesome you are.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Keep watching this space for more such exciting competitions. Who knows you might just win the next one 🙂

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