Roundup of crypto news from around the world - Second Edition

The past week witnessed a bloodbath, increased support for stable coins and rumors around the delisting of USDT. This week we cover interesting news like sending Bitcoin without an internet connection and bidding for Bitcoins in an auction held by the US Govt!

Crypto News Digest Edition 2

Let's dive into the stories.

Update on DistrictOx's ($ZRX) listing on Coinbase

Following last week’s listing of the Ox (ZRX) token on Coinbase, the price of the coin went up by a whopping 30%!

Currently (at press time), Ox stands at $0.9, up from $0.757 when we announced the listing in last week’s blog. Know your coins!

Image result for district 0x
All hail district Ox!

Blockchain Tech: Making the world a better place

Another day, another revolutionary way blockchain technology is being used.

This time, the Rwandan Govt. has partnered with UK based blockchain startup ‘Circulorto track the mining of conflict metal ‘Tantalum’ (used in consumer electronics).

Circulor’s platform allows buyers to track the complete supply chain of the Tantalum they use and possibly eliminate the mining of Tantalum in areas of conflict.

Know more about this circular here.

Circulor - An initiative supported by Rwanda

No Network? No problem

Rigel Walshe, a native New Zealander has now become the first person to transfer bitcoin without the use of the internet.

How is that even possible, you ask?

Rigel used a device called a ‘goTenna’ that is aimed at facilitating such offline payments, he set up a relay network using these goTennas and sent 1 BTC to his girlfriend, completely offline.

No internet? No problem. Send BTC Offline!

Our takeaway from this experiment was that there is a possibility of sending Bitcoin from a device with zero to low internet connectivity in the near future. Bitcoin and its possibilities are limitless.

The US Govt. calls you to Bid for Bitcoin!

On the 5th of November, the US Government is set to auction 660 Bitcoins seized in federal criminal, civil and administrative cases. This auction comes as the 3rd and smallest US Bitcoin auction this year. The first, in January, was for 3,600 BTC and the second in March for 2,100.

US Govt. calls for Bitcoin Auction

While this news might be perceived as negatively impacting the crypto-sphere, it, in fact, shows that the US Govt. does not (and rightly so) blame crypto for any criminal activity, and is injecting BTCs pack into the free market!

Another win for both financial independence and honest crypto!

Gates Foundation Partners with Ripple and Coil in their Financial Inclusion Initiative

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is teaming up with California-based blockchain firm Coil to enhance financial access for the unbanked and underprivileged communities.

Payment processing for the unbanked and underprivileged

Initially announced by Miller Abel, Deputy Director, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the development was later confirmed by the blockchain startup which was founded by a former chief technology officer of Ripple, Stefan Thomas.

Stay tuned for more such updates from the crypto world, brought to you by CoinDCX.