The price of 1 BTC in 2013 was approximately $130 and now (at the time of writing the blog) it is approximately $7500.

Let us have a look at historic trends in BTC prices over the past year - Bitcoin prices went from $900 to $19000.

Historical Trends from

In the months following this historic price run, adoption of cryptocurrency saw an upward trend. Various government institutions came out with drafts for regulating cryptocurrency investment and trade.

2017 was the year of Bitcoin and 2018 is the year of cryptocurrency adoption. We are working towards our goal of wider cryptocurrency adoption in India.

So, we put our best minds to work and figured top 5 reasons why you should start crypto trading now!

1. Crypto is a store of value

Among other countries, Turkey, Venezuela and Bolivia  are experiencing wider crypto adoption. These countries are battling with hyperinflation and their fiat is weakening every day. They are adopting cryptocurrency as a store of value and a remedy against inflation. Entrepreneurs and traders are incorporating it as a preferred payment option.

2. You haven’t missed the bus!

If you think it’s too late to buy crypto, you are mistaken. It’s never too late to get into cryptocurrency trading. While every market has an entry point, this market has more than one entry points. Starting early presents more opportunities for booking profits. You can start early too. The best time to buy/sell crypto is NOW.

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3. The cryptocurrency market is in its infancy

While trading has been around forever, crypto trading is still in its infancy. Currently cryptocurrency traders are booking 2x to 10x profits through trades. This number will plummet within the next few years. Dynamic prices are the hallmark of a new market. Volatility is a sign of market creation. With the maturity of the market, prices become more stable and returns are predictable.

4. Regulations are underway in most countries

Leading financial institutions are recognising cryptocurrency as a digital asset/ store of value. Governments across the world are working on regulations for cryptocurrency investment and trade.

5. The future of economy is trustless

For a transaction or exchange of assets, we place trust in a central authority or intermediary. In most cases the intermediary is a government body or financial institution. The introduction of Bitcoin shifted this trust to technology. People no longer need to trust a central body for transacting amongst each other. Exchanging digital assets is a completely peer to peer transaction. Global economies face crises and may even crash due to trust placed in central bodies. Cryptocurrencies are trustless and are the best bet for the future of economy.

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