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Last week was not as enthusiastic as the previous few for Crypto enthusiasts, with lines of bad news. While BTC had a average drop, many alts were beaten badly. Most of the alts dropped to almost their prices a year back. However the market has recovered significantly in the last 2 days, let’s see what’s in store next.

Pair: BTC/USDT | Time Frame: 1 Day


BTC was trading at $6318 (when the blog was written). In the last 2 days BTC recovered from it’s previous low/support one and went to $6600 before retracing. $5800-$6080 looks like a concrete support now and the price action is respecting it every time. But breaking of this support will not be taken in a good manner by the bulls out there and create some panic. At the same time BTC will face some resistance at $6760 to $6900.

Pair: ETH/USDT | Time Frame: 1 Day


ETH was one of the most badly beaten alt recently and many did fear that it will retest $200 in the next couple of days. But ETH bulls took charge at rock solid support of $253 and managed to paint a greener picture quickly in the last 48 hours. However now ETH is quite stable and trading sideways, it is important that it does not break $253 and try to breach $312 to continue its upward movement till $350+

Pair: XRP/USDT | Time Frame: 1 Day


In my previous blogs I have constantly expressed worries on XRP’s price action, it broke the most important support zone of 43 cents to 47 cents & as predicted in the Technical Analysis of June 28th, breaking of this support will take price to 28 cents...the recent low of XRP was 25 cents. XRP will have a new support at 22 cents and the old support zone of 43 to 47 cents will now act as resistance.

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