How to buy cryptocurrency with INR using IMPS/UPI?


This is the second post in our Crypto Basics Series. In the first post (read it here) we discussed top 5 reasons to start cryptocurrency trading. In this post, we will discuss how to buy cryptocurrency with INR using IMPS and UPI – the fastest, easiest and most secure interface for payments.

You can check out our YouTube video for depositing INR with UPI/IMPS here.

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In this article we discuss every aspect of buying cryptocurrency – the process, different payment options and the preferred payment method (IMPS/UPI) .

Where can you buy cryptocurrency with INR in India?

You can buy cryptocurrency with INR from a number of different platforms, in a multitude of ways. Among others, DCXinsta is the fastest platform for buying 150+ cryptocurrencies with INR.

What are the different methods of buying cryptocurrency with INR?

On P2P platforms, users can buy cryptocurrency with INR and complete the payment with a Bank Transfer, IMPS or UPI.

How to buy cryptocurrency with INR using IMPS/UPI?

Among Bank Transfers, IMPS and UPI – UPI is considered the most preferred method of payment. It’s fast, can be tracked by the user easily and is preferred by most platforms, including DCXInsta.

Depositing INR using UPI on CoinDCX:

1. To deposit INR on DCXInsta, login to your CoinDCX account.  (If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link).

2. Once you are logged in, click on Funds at the top right corner of the screen on desktop. Select INR wallet from the options on the left side and click on Deposit INR to wallet.


Desktop Deposit INR Flow

In case of mobile app, click on funds and you’ll see the option to Deposit INR on the top of the screen.


Mobile App Deposit INR Flow

3. After clicking on Deposit INR, you’ll see a window that shares a UPI ID with option for IMPS. Scan the barcode and do not forget to enter the remarks shown in the window.

Desktop Deposit INR Flow

4. Enter the transaction ID from the UPI app in the window and click on Verify.

Your payment will be processed anywhere between 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Once it is successfully processed, you can use INR to buy any one of the 150+ coins on CoinDCX!

Here’s a YouTube video for the same:

Start buying crypto on DCXinsta here.

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