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Choose the best exchange in India to buy Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency: India crypto trading basics

Cryptocurrency exchanges work as platforms to connect buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency-based assets. Just as with stock exchanges, they include listings of the price of various cryptocurrencies. But in contrast to stocks, cryptocurrencies may be priced both with respect to fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies. Generally, all altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) are priced against BTC. 

Another difference is that the prices of cryptocurrencies may be different across all exchanges by a small margin as all exchanges operate independently, with each having its own market ecosystem. Crypto exchanges may also offer features to customers such as a cryptocurrency wallet with peer-to-peer crypto transactions. Like stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges earn by charging transaction fees for trading as well by taking the bid-ask spread between prices. 

In India, crypto exchanges are now allowed to deal with Indian banks. Hence, traders can invest in cryptocurrencies directly using INR. Trading strategies such as support-resistance trading, cost averaging, and buy and hold can be used to trade using cryptocurrencies like other assets such as stocks and commodities. In addition, traders can also make use of market order and limit order methods of initiating a transaction. 

While there are a host of cryptocurrency exchanges in India, CoinDCX separates itself from the pack. Let us look at what makes it stand out and how you can take advantage of its useful features.


CoinDCX: Best cryptocurrency platform in India

Over the years, CoinDCX has steadily grown from strength to strength and has established itself as the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in India. With a large customer base of traders, it offers unparalleled stability and safety for new traders as they can be sure of getting the best rates and reasonable commissions and charges compared to other exchanges. Another benefit of being involved with such a large trading base is liquidity. CoinDCX is linked to the world’s leading crypto exchanges such as Binanace, HitBTC and Huobi Global. Let’s look some of the highlights of the platform:



In addition to the above features, CoinDCX also offers its users a lot of options for trading different kinds of financial instruments and assets. Traders can trade on more than 200 coins and make use of opportunities in different markets. Innovative products such as DCX margin and DCXlend enable you to lend your coins and multiply your earnings. Compared to other exchanges, CoinDCX has a robust, aggregator-based model along with expertise in Asian crypto markets, making it ideal for investors in India.

CoinDCX First! 

CoinDCX has been committed to setting new standards in financial and technical innovation, which have helped in earning accolades such as ‘Excellence in Finance – Companies’ at the FiNext Conference 2020. It has also featured in Tracxn’s ‘World’s Top Emerging Blockchain Startups’ list for 2020. Some global first innovations of CoinDCX are:



Do you need any more reasons to choose CoinDCX? 

With the newly opened INR-based cryptocurrency trading market in India, it is imperative for investors to get in on the action first to make the most out of the opportunity. In this scenario, CoinDCX is the best platform that investors can use to start trading in cryptos. With a long list of industry-first innovations and awards, CoinDCX is the ultimate platform for both professional and new traders looking to up their crypto game!

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