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Uma(UMA) Price Prediction: UMA Price Eye’s A 25% Jump!

UMA Price Prediction

Key Takeaways:

  • The UMA price closed the previous day’s close at $8.053 with a market capitalization of $521.84 million and a circulating supply of 65,368,377.15 UMA
  • After a gigantic start of the monthly trade, the price is experiencing exhaustion and hence may accumulate gain for sometime
  • Yet after a healthy consolidation, the uptrend may resume sealing the levels above $10 very soon

Uma Price Analysis: How High Will UMA Crypto Price Go in March 2022?

UMA price had an extreme bullish start for the month and despite a couple of pullbacks or consolidations, the price remains elevated. The asset is currently accumulating strength to rise high as a significant bullish signal flashes out. Price is expected to continue consolidating for some more time and kick start yet another uptrend soon. 

The asset may target to reach levels above $10 and try hard to sustain. However, the price zone above $15 may be considered a safe zone. And clearing these levels may ignite a strong rally towards $20 or above by the end of March 2022. 

Uma Price Prediction: Will UMA Price Hit $100 in 2022?

UMA displayed a magnificent rally in 2021 but was restricted below $50. However, after bottoming hard, the asset appears to have inculcated a huge bullish momentum. Therefore, achieving levels above $18 may be pretty possible by the end of the quarter. 

Yet continuing with a similar bullish trend, the levels around $22 to $25 may be achieved by mid-2022, and by the end, levels close to $33 to $35 may be possible. On the contrary, if bears become proactive, then they may try hard to restrict the price below $30. Therefore, until a bull run is ignited, the current ATH also appears pretty far. 

Uma Price Analysis: UMAPrice Table (Last 07 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
09 March 2022 $8.58 $7.83 $521.84M
08 March 2022 $8.46 $7.71 $526.01M
07 March 2022 $8.63 $7.65 $532.74M
06 March 2022 $9.44 $8.39 $577.45M
05 March 2022 $10.11 $8.85 $601.59M
04 March 2022 $10.88 $8.88 $643.68M
03 March 2022 $11.35 $7.64 $614.25M

Uma Price Prediction: UMA Price Trend Comparison with SNX (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

UMA is a synthetic asset, while Synthetic(SNX) is a platform that connects the users with synthetic assets. Both the assets maintained a healthy trend since the beginning of the year 2022. Moreover, with the beginning of the current month, the UMA price completely decoupled from the SNX trend. 

The UMA price spiked as high as 80% above the average levels, but woefully the correction dragged the price a bit lower. At the press time, the UMA price is 39.70% above the average levels but the SNX price is 17% below. However, with a change in the market trends, a notable flip may be expected soon.

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Correlation of UMA/USDT and UMA/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The UMA/USDT pair maintained a significant upper hand since the beginning. Yet the massive kick start of the monthly trade uplifted both the trading pairs by nearly 100%. However, currently, both the pairs are facing a slight pullback, yet the rally may continue soon. 

At the press time, both the pairs are trading above the average levels. UMA/USDT is +37.23% while UMA/BTC is +29.88%. Interestingly, the USDT trend is currently towards the south while the BTC is towards the north and hence both may intersect and BTC may outperform the USDT pair soon. 

Uma Price Prediction 2022: Latest UMA coin News in February-March 2022

UMA coin Spiked More than 130% in A Day 

The UMA Coin witnessed a sudden spike from $4.89 to as high as $11.52. The reason is said to be the adoption of the Across bridge which functions on UMA by the Ethereum whales. 

Source: Twitter

Uma Platform Partners with DappBack

To reward the network participants, Uma collaborated with DappBack, where-in users will receive the award after completing microtasks. 

Source: Twitter

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