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Ultra(UOS)/USDT Price Prediction: 04 February 2022

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The PC gaming industry is a huge market that is predominated by the pioneers like Apple, Google, etc. Therefore, the developers faced hardships to sell the software, and also the gamers also remained distinct from the right content. Here’s where Ultra established itself as a new PC game publishing platform and marketplace. Using Ultra’s universal SDK, it’s extremely easy for the developers to import any game. Hence the Ultra currently aims to disrupt the monopolized gaming sector. 

The gaming platform is powered by its native token UOS which has various other utilities. It is mainly used as a payment mode for games, distributed as rewards, and also can be staked on the platform. 

What is Ultra(UOS)-In Brief!

The platform was founded by David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot and is run by a management team of industry veterans. Ultra is a blockchain-based PC-gaming entertainment platform with multiple features which benefit both gamers and developers. It is an open marketplace where the users can resell their games and also earn rewards participating in the developments of the platform.

 Moreover, the materials obtained within the game also have value and hence this motivates the platform to apply their knowledge and gaining skills to the world of cryptocurrencies. And hence bridging the gap between the gaming industry and blockchain technology. The native token of the platform UOS is also going under the same path towards supremacy. The asset is trying to absorb immense bullish momentum to regain the levels around ATH. 

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How Does Ultra UOS Work?

The platform is built around the concept of metaverse based on EOSIO, the next-generation technology developed by Daniel Larimer. The gamers download the application and set up their account as in any other platform. However, the user cannot get access to the recovery phrases or install & set up a blockchain wallet and the secret keys are secured by the platform. Ultra uses its decentralized non-custodial user-friendly key recovery technology. 

Ultra offers some benefits that help both players and developers. For the players, the platform offers, 

  • Play immediately within minutes of purchase no matter the game is downloaded fully or no
  • Players can earn money in form of UOS tokens by watching ads, beta test, curating games, etc
  • Resell your game 
  • Earn UOS by referring your friends to the platform

And for the developers, Ultra offers the following benefits,

  • Access to marketing toolbox to get a powerful marketing & promotional tool. 
  • Developers also stand chance to earn 21% more sales revenue with an instant payout
  • Like players developers also may earn UOS tokens by participating in beta testing, watching ads, etc.

Will UOS Price Hit $10 in 2022?

UOS price remained pretty much undervalued and traded below $0.2 until the beginning of the 2021 bull run. Further, as the alt season geared up, the asset quickly jumped into action and surged more than 536% before the market crashed in May. However, the asset kept up the bullish momentum and continued to rally slowly yet steadily. The rally got intensified during the mid of Q4 2021 which push the price above by another 324.5% to hit the ATH very close to $2.5.

However, ever since then the asset is swinging within a correction zone but successfully bounced back. With the bounce, the asset broke through the descending channel and attempt to go higher. Currently, with a similar pace, the UOS price may regain the levels around its ATH somewhere at the end of Q1 2022 or in Q2 2022. Yet until the end of the year 2022, the UOS price if maintained the bullish trajectory, may also hit the levels around $5 to $7. And with an extended rally, may also uplift the price towards a double-digit milestone. 

Factors Impacting UOS Price Today!

Offers Second-Hand Games

Ultra platform that offers a solution for the second-hand games where-in the players get the ownership of the games so that they can resell them in the market

Tokenized Virtual Items

Every item or piece of downloadable content is an NFT that can be sold in a marketplace. On the other hand, customized tokens include 

Partnerships & Collaborations

As said the platform aims to disrupt the computer gaming industry and has partnered with the likes of Ubisoft, AMD, Atari, The SandBox, Theta and more

Huge Benefits for Players & Developers

Ultra offers good benefits for both players and also rewards them accordingly in the form of UOS tokens. 

Flourishing NFT Space

As the platform is built around the concept of the metaverse, every item here on Ultra is a piece of NFT. 

Instant Free Transactions

The network offers instant fee transitions with a block finality time of just 0.5 seconds and throughput of 12,000 TPS, however, Ultra aims to reach more than 100,000 TPS according to the whitepaper. 

Token Allocation

The distribution and allocation of UOS tokens are highly diverse. All the allocations had a year locking period with different allocation sizes. The tokens were distributed to growth, company reserves, content acquisition, private sales, IEO, exchanges, marketing, and partners/advisors.

Where & How to buy Ultra(UOS)?

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CoinDCX offers huge benefits to the customers other than hassle-free trade. One can experience the crypto trades with ease, unlocking unlimited access to the charts with indicators, lucrative user experience, faster order placements, etc. 

So download the App now!!

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