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Thorchain(RUNE) Price Prediction: RUNE Price Eye’s a 20% Upswing This Week!

THOR Technical Analysis

Key Takeaways:

  • The RUNE price closed the previous day’s trade at $6.37 with a market capitalization of $2.12B and a circulating supply of 330,688,061.33 RUNE
  • RUNE price has maintained a significant uptrend since the beginning of March 2022, and attempt yet another 20% upswing very soon
  • The possibilities of the asset hitting double-digit figures appear to be high in this week

Thorchain Price Analysis: How High Will RUNE Crypto Price Go in March 2022?

Thorchain price ever since smashed its highs in Q4 2021, maintained a significant descending trend. However, the asset broke through the descending parallel channel at the beginning of the month and continued to maintain a strong uptrend. No doubt the bears attempted to drag the price lower, but the bulls seem to be poised to keep the price elevated. 

Currently, the asset is nullifying the possibilities to range high, but the possibilities of a pullback may not be eliminated. If the current uptrend continues, then the asset may end the monthly trade with a double-digit figure. However, minor retests may occur at frequent intervals but the bulls could come to the rescue each time.

Thorchain Price Prediction: Will RUNE Price Hit $100 in 2022?

The RUNE price began the 2022 trade on a notable bearish note and further consolidated for nearly a month. However, with the beginning of the current month, the RUNE price gained immense bullish momentum. The price surged high by more than 90% to ignite a significant bull run. 

Currently, if the asset manages to continue with the same price trend, then it may smash a double-digit figure soon. And further may continue its uptrend to achieve Q4 2021 highs initially. Further, the asset may continue to test the ATH above $20 somewhere in mid-Q2 and may form a new ATH in the second half of 2022. Considering the current trend, $100 may be pretty tough but achievable somewhere in near future. 

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Thorchain Price Analysis: RUNE Price Table (Last 07 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
13 March 2022 $6.75 $6.04 $2.12B
12 March 2022 $6.73 $5.61 $2.06B
11 March 2022 $6.29 $5.03 $1.94B
10 March 2022 $5.52 $4.80 $1.69B
09 March 2022 $5.62 $4.08 $1.63B
08 March 2022 $4.39 $4.01 $1.43B
07 March 2022 $4.97 $4.18 $1.46B

Thorchain Price Prediction: RUNE Price Trend Comparison with UNI   (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Thorchain and Uniswap are the popular liquidity protocols within the DeFi space that use Automated Market Makers(AMM). UNI prices have maintained a strong rally since the beginning of 2022. But ever since the start of the current month’s trade, RUNE price surged with pretty large numbers.

At present, the UNI price is 26% below the average level, whereas the RUNE price has surged high by more than 53.83%. Moreover, the asset appears to have built up huge bullish momentum which may keep up the uptrend for some more time. On the other hand, UNI price is also trying hard to keep up the bullish trend, but it’s very far off from the RUNE price trend comparatively. 

Correlation of RUNE/USDT and RUNE/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Thorchain price appears to have reversed the trend completely as the asset flipped the bearish trend ever since the beginning of the month. Despite an interim rejection, the RUNE/USDT pair rebounded well in time to regain the bullish momentum. Simultaneously, the RUNE/BTC pair is displaying more strength than the USDT pair. 

The USDT pair is currently 16.99% below the average levels compared to that of the BTC pair which is above the levels by 9.94%. The buying volume has surged pretty high and hence a significant bullish trend may uplift both the pairs towards their respective resistance levels very soon.

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Thorchain Price Prediction 2022: Latest RUNE coin News in February-March 2022

Thorchain Registered More than 30% Jump after Activating Synthetic Assets

THORSynths were launched where-in THORChads can Mint, Redeem and Swap Synthetic Assets on THORSwap. 

Source: Medium

RUNE integrates With Terra

The integration of the RUNE asset with the Terra(LUNA) platform has emerged as a game-changer for the community which aims to support all the Cosmos-based projects. 

Source: Twitter

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