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Sandbox(SAND) Coin Price Prediction: Will SAND Price Hit $5 This Month?

Sandbox Technical Analysis

Key Takeaways:

  • The Sandbox price closed the previous days close at $2.82 with a market capitalization of $3.22 billion and a circulating supply of 1.12B SAND
  • SAND Price is no accumulating strength to flip from the bearish divergence by maintaining a healthy consolidation
  • With a flip, it may attempt a 20% upswing to reach above $3 initially and later aim at a higher target close to $5

SandBox Coin Price Analysis: How High Will SAND Crypto Price Go in March 2022?

The SandBox price is yet again consolidating along with the lower support. The asset quickly managed to flip and now accumulating gains to range high. However, the rally is lagging with decent buying pressure at the moment. And hence a slight change in the market sentiments may kick start a notable uptrend. 

Currently, the price is attempting to remain above the support zone and aim at $3 resistance. The bulls may get activated and may uplift the price close towards the strong resistance around $3.39. Here, the price may face rejection but may sustain strongly above $3 and rebound.

SAND Coin Price Prediction: Will SAND Price Hit $20 in 2022?

SAND price was expected to smash $10 during the recent NFT boom but woefully could manage to achieve close to $8. Moreover, since then the trend has gone largely negative forming huge lower highs and lows. Yet the possibility of a flip may not be eliminated. 

The Sandbox may initially attempt to settle above $3 and eventually head towards the strong resistance close to $5. Overcoming rejections and corrections, the price may strongly head towards the upper target above $5 in the next two quarters. To end the yearly trade, the SAND price may hover within $5.5 to $6.8 levels.

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SandBox(SAND) Price Analysis: SAND Price Table (Last 07 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
08 March 2022 $2.89 $2.75 $3.23B
07 March 2022 $2.94 $2.70 $3.19B
06 March 2022 $3.05 $2.82 $3.31B
05 March 2022 $3.04 $2.85 $3.38B
04 March 2022 $3.15 $2.85 $3.39B
03 March 2022 $3.29 $3.03 $3.49B
02 March 2022 $3.42 $3.22 $3.76B

SAND Coin Price Prediction: SAND Price Trend Comparison with MANA (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The SAND price trend has depleted drastically since the beginning of February compared to Decentraland(MANA). Both being the top NFT tokens, managed to maintain a consistent trend. But currently, the MANA price is appearing to be much stronger than that of SAND. No doubt SAND can flip from the support yet lagging bullish momentum. At the press time, the SAND price is 20.08% below the average levels whereas MANA is above the levels by 4.95%. 

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Correlation of SAND/USDT and SAND/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The BTC trading pair has depleted drastically after it slightly deferred from the USDT trading pair. However, both are sinking massively and dropping to the lower levels. Unlike many other altcoins, USDT appears to be in a stronger position compared to that of BTC. And hence with a notable flip, the SAND/USDT may kick-start a strong uptrend very soon. At the press time, the SAND/USDT pair is 20.17% below the average levels whereas SAND/BTC is 23.42%.

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SandBox Price Prediction 2022: Latest SAND Coin News in Feb, March 2022

The SandBox Grants $25M to Launch World of Women Foundation

The foundation aims to create educational and mentorship opportunities for women in the metaverse, NFT & gaming industry

Source: Twitter

Sandbox Launched Alpha Season 2

With the launch, the platform grabbed huge attention as the user surpassed 2 million within no time. 

Source: Twitter

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