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Tezos (XTZ)Price Prediction: After $100 will XTZ Price hit $20 in 2022?

Tezos (XTZ)Price Prediction

Key Takeaways:

  • The XTZ price close the previous day’s trade at $3.494  with a market capitalization of $3.05 billion and a circulating supply of 879,998,487.22 XTZ
  • Tezos price after a huge drop from its highs is attempting a strong flip in a larger time frame that could ignite a significant rally soon

Tezos Price Prediction: Will XTZ Price Hit $20 in 2022?

XTZ had a magnificent rally in 2022 where it surged high, plunged to almost the same levels and again geared up to rise above the previous high. Woefully, yet again the price fell very close to the previous lows and attempted a flip. However, it failed miserably and smashed the lower levels again yet showcased a possibility to range higher than 40% maintaining a strong uptrend. 

However, the current market conditions appear to have sustained to some extent and hence March may be somewhat bullish for the crypto assets. Therefore a subsequent uptrend may be expected in Q2 that may uplift the price close to $5. Further, as the crypto space gears up in the second half of 2022, the price may surge and achieve levels between $6 to $8. Or with an extended bull run the price may even a new double-digit ATH surpassing the present ATH. 

Yet on the other hand, if in case the XTZ price fails to accumulate bullish momentum then the price may be restricted below the ATH by the end of the year 2022. No doubt it may hover close to the ATH levels, yet may not test these levels and close the yearly trade around $5.5 to $6.2 levels. 

Tezos Price Analysis: How High Will XTZ Crypto Price Go in 2022?

Tezos price began the 2020 trade on a huge bullish note and plunged throughout January. However, it managed to recover in the first 10 days, yet again fell into the same bearish well yet again. While the asset is again attempting to regain its original positions just above $4.4, a possibility of a 20% jump is pretty high. And hence the asset may attempt to surpass $5 at the earliest. 

However, a minor pullback may drag the price down but may be restricted above $4 where-in another flip may be ignited again. And hence $5 may be secured throughout the year is one of the strong support levels. And if the price surpasses $5.6 to $5.7, then a decent uptrend may uplift the price above $6.6 which may ignite a bull run to test the ATH but may not hit a double-digit pattern. However, if the bulls become extremely proactive, then the highs may vary from $9.4 to $12.

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Tezos Price Analysis: XTZPrice Table (Last 30 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
01 March 2022 $3.66 $3.42 $3.06B
28 February 2022 $3.56 $3.03 $2.94B
27 February 2022 $3.45 $3.05 $2.88B
26 February 2022 $3.49 $3.418 $3.03B
25 February 2022 $3.25 $2.95 $2.75B
24 February 2022 $3.07 $2.56 $2.48B
23 February 2022 $3.22 $2.92 $2.73B
22 February 2022 $3.07 $2.81 $2.65B
21 February 2022 $3.49 $2.94 $2.80B
20 February 2022 $3.60 $3.21 $2.90B
19 February 2022 $3.69 $3.47 $3.24B
18 February 2022 $3.82 $3.58 $3.21B
17 February 2022 $4.05 $3.61 $3.42B
16 February 2022 $4.19 $3.95 $3.50B
15 February 2022 $4.18 $3.89 $3.60B
14 February 2022 $3.99 $3.41 $3.48B
13 February 2022 $4.13 $3.81 $3.37B
12 February 2022 $4.43 $4.04 $3.67B
11 February 2022 $4.46 $4.01 $3.79B
10 February 2022 $4.58 $4.10 $3.74B
09 February 2022 $4.60 $4.32 $3.96B
08 February 2022 $4.46 $$.00 $3.71B
07 February 2022 $4.19 $3.85 $3.59B
06 February 2022 $3.99 $3.76 $3.32B
05 February 2022 $4.08 $3.85 $3.46B
04 February 2022 $4.03 $3.67 $3.45B
03 February 2022 $3.97 $3.60 $3.40B
02 February 2022 $3.90 $3.57 $3.29B
01 February 2022 $3.76 $3.47 $3.17B
31 January 2022 $3.53 $3.09 $3.00B

Tezos Price Prediction: XTZ Price Trend Comparison with SOL, DOT & ADA(Last 30 Days)

Ethereum is currently the leader of the DeFi space, however, like many others, it has some of its limitations. Hence to address the issues with the Ethereum blockchain, many other projects incepted and are currently thriving and claim themselves to be ‘Ethereum Killer’. Tezos(XTZ) is one of them, while the other competitors are Cardano(ADA), Polkadot(DOT & Solana(SOL). All the blockchain do claim to offer real-time solutions for the speed and hefty gas fees which Ethereum also has failed to do so until the press time.

Source: Tradingview

The above chart shows the price trend comparison between Tezos, Cardano and Polkadot. And interestingly, all the three Ethereum killers are maintaining a similar trend with each other. Moreover, Tezoz(XTZ) leads the race to be less distinct from the average value. At the press time, Tezos price is just 23.21% down from the average zones while Cardano & Polkadot are 32.43% & 33.20% distinct respectively. Therefore, a significant strength has been witnessed with the XTZ price that may be utilized in the upcoming rally. 

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Correlation of XTZ/USDT and XTZ/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The Bitcoin price chopped around narrow regions most of the time in 2022 and also underwent decent spikes which faded quickly. And despite the huge price variation of BTC, the people are jumping in more. And therefore both the USDT & BTC pair are going hand in hand, but the BTC pair has a little upper hand. 

However, it is quite evident from the chart that both the BTC pair and the USDT trading pair follow each other while the USDT pair undergo steep corrections. The XTZ/BTC is just 16.83% away from the average zone while BTC/USDT is 23.10% distinct. And hence if in case the trend changes, then the BTC pair may stabilize much before USDT. 

TezosPrice Prediction 2022: Latest XTZ coin News in February 2022

Tezos Sponsored Manchester United Football Team

One of the most popular football teams, Manchester United have confirmed the sponsorship of Tezos in an announcement. The Tezos branding kit is to be worn by the players during the warm-up matches. Apart from this, the platform has also signed a multi-year deal to supply the team’s training kit.

Source: Manchester United Announcement

Activity on Tezos Increases Drastically

The activity on the Tezos blockchain in all the metrics has witnessed a spike since mid-February. The transactions have spiked, block-count surged, Active wallets increased etc, many more. 

Source: Twitter

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