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Terra (LUNA) Price Prediction: After $100 will LUNA Price hit $1000 in 2022?

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Key Takeaways:

  • The LUNA price closed the previous day trade at $91.14 with a market capitalization of $32,825,124,639.19 and a circulating supply of 375,565,689.58 LUNA
  • The LUNA price currently is showcasing a huge bullish momentum and appears to be poised to surge beyond $100 in a short while from now

TerraPrice Prediction: Will LUNA Price Hit $1000 in 2022?

Terra’s price is appearing extremely bullish at the present times as the asset is surging with soaring numbers. Currently, it is up by more than 94% from the past couple of days and is expected to record a double-digit gain each day until it hits $100. However, on reaching these levels, a slight pullback is expected which may be a very little & short-lived one. 

Therefore, by the end of Q1 2022, LUNA’s price may attempt to attain the levels between $120 to $130 and try hard to maintain the bullish trend for the rest of the year. Q2 may be pretty consolidated including a couple of spikes, similar to the current one. By the end, it may manage to hit $150 to $170 levels

However, the next two quarters are expected to be pretty bullish as predicted by many. And hence if the LUNA price ignites a hefty bull run then it may rise high beyond $500 by the end of the year 2022. However, bears may be active at any point and try to shed the gains, but the Terra community appears to be pretty strong to withstand the trembled situation. And hence a fair price range to end with the yearly trade could be around $500. Yet $1000 may be extremely difficult in 2022, while it may be achieved in the upcoming years. 

TerraPrice Analysis: How High Will LUNA Crypto Price Go in 2022?

Terra price began the 2022 trade on a huge bearish note that dragged the price below $50 shedding more than 47% of the value. However, the asset managed to rise high, going parabolic to attain the present levels close to $90. The LUNA price may hit the ATH around $100 in the next 24 to 36 hours and experience a slight pullback.

Yet the trend may remain bullish for the next 10 to 12 days where-in the LUNA price may maintain an ascending consolidated trend. And maintaining a similar trend, the asset may hit $115 to $120 by the mid of 2022. No doubt the bears may attempt very hard to stop the uptrend, yet the asset may display a strong bullish momentum. 

Considering the action of bears every now or then and if in case, the bearish cartel outpowers the markets, Terra’s price may be restricted below $300.The maximum price that the LUNA price may achieve by the end of the year 2022 is around $220 to $250 levels. However, an intensified bull run similar to 2021 may change the upper target and elevate beyond $500.

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Terra Price Analysis: LUNAPrice Table (Last 30 Days) 

Date All-Time High All-Time Low Market Capitalization
28 February 2022 $95.38 $70.44 $31.99B
27 February 2022 $79 $71.21 $28.82B
26 February 2022 $79.6 $72.16 $28.67B
25 February 2022 $73.83 $63.84 $25.24B
24 February 2022 $66.07 $50.25 $23.18B
23 February 2022 $65.21 $54.54 $23.62B
22 February 2022 $56.05 $48.43 $20.39B
21 February 2022 $53.95 $48.95 $20.45B
20 February 2022 $50.7 $47.29 $19.46B
19 February 2022 $52.87 $49.89 $19.77B
18 February 2022 $51.85 $48.56 $19.91B
17 February 2022 $57.16 $50.09 $20.82B
16 February 2022 $58.28 $55.12 $22.18B
15 February 2022 $57.10 $53.76 $22.23B
14 February 2022 $54.60 $51.41 $21.41B
13 February 2022 $53.77 $51.02 $20.35B
12 February 2022 $53.68 $49.39 $21.06B
11 February 2022 $54.80 $49.79 $21.45B
10 February 2022 $57.58 $51.84 $22.58B
09 February 2022 $57.96 $54.26 $22.30B
08 February 2022 $59.89 $54.79 $22.67B
07 February 2022 $60.64 $54.34 $23.10B
06 February 2022 $57.21 $53.08 $21.67B
05 February 2022 $58.15 $53.42 $22.29B
04 February 2022 $54.06 $48.99 $20.69B
03 February 2022 $51.50 $46.50 $19.60B
02 February 2022 $53.45 $47.75 $20.01B
01 February 2022 $54.20 $50.41 $20.77B
31 January 2022 $52.62 $43.44 $20.51B
30 January 2022 $51.42 $45.51 $19.43B
29 January 2022 $53.68 $50.05 $20.98B
28 January 2022 $55.62 $47.44 $19.63B
27 January 2022 $61.70 $50.54 $23.94B
26 January 2022 $66.66 $57.55 $25.24B
25 January 2022 $67.20 $61.65 $26.75B

Terra Price Prediction: LUNA Price Trend Comparison with SOL (Last 30 Days)

Terra and Solana initiated their respective bull run almost at the same time in the second half of 2021. Both smashed their highs with the same intensity and also witnessed a significant plunge too. However, while Terra’s (LUNA) price is displaying a huge bullish tendency, Solana’s (SOL) price maintains a silent trend. And hence Terra by surging from the past couple of days not only entered the top 10 but also surpassed Solana to secure the 7th rank in the cryptocurrency list.

Source: Tradingview

Solana and Terra both maintained a significant trend throughout the year 2022, however, the trend decoupled by the end. And hence the LUNA price showcased a strong bullish momentum and formed constant lower highs while SOL price maintained a lower low. Interestingly, the LUNA price rose magnificently and surged like a monster from the last week of February. And each bullish momentum within the crypto space uplifted the price with more intensity than before. 

Currently, the price trend of both assets has decoupled to such an extent that LUNA price has gone beyond the reach of SOL. And therefore it managed to reach out slightly above the average price. Currently, Solana’s price is 42.93% away from the average levels whereas Terra’s price is above the levels by 4.55%. The present upswing is expected to continue throughout the week, as the LUNA price targets $100 at the earliest. 

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Correlation of LUNA/USDT and LUNA/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

The LUNA/USDT and LUNA/BTC more or less are following a similar trend from the beginning. Despite heavy fluctuations, both pairs maintained a calculated trend and are currently trading above the average levels. Interestingly, the LUNA/BTC pair amid the recent price surge smashed a new ATH a couple of hours before. However, LUNA/USDT is on its way to recording a new ATH. 

At the moment, the BTC pair is above the average levels by more than 104% while the USDT pair is more than 86%. Presently, the trading volume is extremely high, dominated by the buyers and hence the uptrend appears unstoppable until it smashes a 3-digit level.

TerraPrice Prediction 2022: Latest LUNA coin News in February 2022

Terra & Avalanche Traded Products Launched

As per the digital asset ETP issuer Valour which is a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, the Sweden-based Nordic Growth Market has begun with the Valour Terra & Avalanche ETPs. 


Terra(LUNA) Partnered with Washington Nationals

Terra announced the partnership with the MLB franchise, the MLB Washington Nationals worth more than $40 million. 

Source: Twitter 

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