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Shiba INU Price Prediction: SHIB at a Decisive Phase, Breakout May Be Imminent!

Shiba Technical Analysis

Key Takeaways:

  • The Shiba INU closed the previous day trade at $0.00003124 with a market capitalization of around $17.13 billion and a circulating supply of nearly 549,063.2 SHIB
  • SHIB price is hovering around the decisive phase and hence the Shiba INU Price Prediction for February is slightly bullish with a possibility of a 20% gain

Shiba INU Price Prediction 2022 – Last 30 Days Price Table

Date  All-Time High All-Time Low Market-Capitalization
15 Feb 2022 $0.00003184 $0.00002954 $17.18B
14 Feb 2022 $0.00003087 $0.00002860 $16.47B
13 Feb 2022 $0.00003222 $0.00002836 $16.01B
12 Feb 2022 $0.00002981 $0.00002743 $15.74B
11 Feb 2022 $0.00003239 $0.00002790 $17.33B
10 Feb 2022 $0.00003372 $0.00003052 $17.70B
09 Feb 2022 $0.00003411 $0.00003042 $18.22B
08 Feb 2022 $0.00003510 $0.00002942 $17.62B
07 Feb 2022 $0.00003523 $0.00002707 $19.09B
06 Feb 2022 $0.00002900 $0.00002223 $12.54B
05 Feb 2022 $0.00002388 $0.00002208 $12.77B
04 Feb 2022 $0.00002232 $0.00002052 $12.01B
03 Feb 2022 $0.00002085 $0.00002013 $11.25B
02 Feb 2022 $0.00002189 $0.00002028 $11.43B
01 Feb 2022 $0.00002200 $0.00002113 $11.91B
31 Jan 2022 $0.00002158 $0.00002005 $11.35B
30 Jan 2022 $0.00002220 $0.00002083 $11.90B
29 Jan 2022 $0.00002240 $0.00002112 $11.93B
28 Jan 2022 $0.00002141 $0.00002035 $11.48B
27 Jan 2022 $0.00002141 $0.00001994 $11.43B
26 Jan 2022 $0.00002353 $0.00002048 $11.99B
25 Jan 2022 $0.00002165 $0.00002003 $11.64B
24 Jan 2022 $0.00002329 $0.00001865 $11.33B
23 Jan 2022 $0.00002370 $0.00002044 $11.84B
22 Jan 2022 $0.00002252 $0.00001704 $10.82B
21 Jan 2022 $0.00002864 $0.00002158 $13.67B
20 Jan 2022 $0.00002881 $0.00002624 $15.35B
19 Jan 2022 $0.00002827 $0.00002708 $15.44B
18 Jan 2022 $0.00002955 $0.00002743 $15.27B
17 Jan 2022 $0.00003058 $0.00002825 $15.77B
16 Jan 2022 $0.00003102 $0.00003308 $16.85B
15 Jan 2022 $0.00003151 $0.00003252 $17.13B

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SHIBA INU Price Prediction: Price Trend Comparison with DOGE (Last 30 days)

Shiba INU and Dogecoin are considered as the top competitors in the crypto space. Even though Dogecoin began its trading journey much before Shiba INU, SHIB’s price seems to have outperformed in terms of adoption, popularity, user base, social activity, and community.

Source: Trading View 

Shiba INU gained huge attention in mid-2021 while the price was bullish till the asset lost a major portion of its value and plunged hard. On the other hand, DOGE price had begun with its bull run or rather it can be said that the asset had ignited the 2021 crypto bull since the beginning of the year. However, the DOGE price lost most of its value and trust just before the May 2021 crash and since then it had been maintaining a very silent trend.

 Yet SHIB price underwent a very contrast move and soared with a very huge difference. And moreover, the asset displayed immense strength despite the bears pulling the asset deep down. Now when SHIB price appears to have attempted very hard to reach the immediate resistance, DOGE price has inculcated a very slow trend may be due to loss of interest of the traders. 

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Correlation of SHIB/USDT and SHIB/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Trading View 

SHIB/BTC is still very immature to compete with the huge USDT market. As many traders still are in the process of building confidence over the platform, swapping SHIB with BTC appears to remain the last option. And hence with a drop in SHIB/USDT price, the SHIB/BTC has cemented at the lower levels. Now when the value of Shiba INU is increasing against USDT, the BTC pair remains largely unaffected. 

Shiba INU Price Prediction 2022: Search Trends (Last 30 Days)

Google trends suggest the behavior of the user searches and the concentration of the search. Dogecoin, one of the most popular crypto, appears to have lost its place to Shiba INU. The search trends were stagnant since the beginning of the year 2022, but with the recent spike, the searches for Shib have risen notably. This signifies an increase in user interest which is quite a bullish indicator for the price. 

Note: Google Trends is a representation of users’ search behavior. It is a chart showing the user’s search volume which is capped to an upper limit of 100. The chat shared below is a comparison of the most searched keywords in a stipulated time frame.


Source: Intotheblock

Shiba INU Price Prediction: Will SHIB Price hit $0.0001 in 2022?

Shiba INU had a significant rally specifically in Q4 2021, where the crypto successfully jumped more than 1200%. Woefully, the asset quickly jumped in a deep bearish well shedding out nearly 80% of the gains over time. While many assumed the asset may not regain bullish momentum, SHIB price consolidated within a narrow range and quickly flipped showcasing extreme bullish momentum. The social activity and the trends also increased and hence a spike may be imminent in the upcoming days. 

If the asset maintains the same pace, then the SHIB price may rise high to hit $0.00003800 to $0.0000400 by the end of February. And may maintain the upturn considerably to test the levels around its ATH. Moreover, an accelerated rally may also eliminate yet another zero by the end of 2022. Conversely, if the bears jump in action, then the asset could experience a slight pullback and close the yearly trade around $0.0000550 to $0.0000610. 

Latest News & Updates on Shiba INU in February 2022

Shiba INU platform launched its own native Blockchain Shibarium recently

The #Shibarium Blockchain is being custom-made to support the future of our ecosystem. #SHIB burns are gonna be part of the system and $BONE & $LEASH will continue to perform their specific utilities. This platform will set the standard for community-oriented financial systems.

Shibarium is the layer-2 solution proposed by the Shiba INU creator Ryoshi. With the launch, SHIB tokens would be migrated to Shibarium. The main aim of the blockchain would be to lower the transaction fees within the Shiba INU ecosystem.

Shiba INU after successfully launching their native decentralized exchange(DEX), ShibaSwap, has now stepped into the world of Metaverse

With the expansion of the Shiba ecosystem into the world of Metaverse, the developers announced that the Shiba Land plots will be made available for purchase in the Metaverse. It is claimed to be a fully virtual shared virtual universe which will allow people to interact with digital elements.

Read more at the @ShibToken Official Twitter Account for the SHIBA ecosystem.

How & Where to buy Shiba INU coin?

Investing in Shiba INU(SHIB) or Dogecoin(DOGE) is extremely easy on CoinDCX. To begin your journey with CoinDCX, just follow the below mentioned 3 steps,

  • Download the CoinDCX App on your smartphone
  • Enter the required details
  • On verification, fund your wallet and start to buy SHIB or any of your desired tokens

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To keep updated about the announcements, competitions, check out our CoinDCX Blog for more details.

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