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MyNeighbourAlice(ALICE)/USDT Price Prediction: 09 February 2022

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The gaming industry has spiked enormously in 2021 where users also get a chance to monetize themselves. Here the streamer got a chance to earn rewards by subscribing or by performing any other tasks. However, MyNeighbourAlice offers a similar thing within a decentralized platform. Moreover, the platform makes it possible for each player to earn money directly by playing a game. Very much similar to other play-to-earn (P2E) platforms like Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, etc, MyNeighbourAlice also aims to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The native token of the platform, ALICE, is an ERC-20 token that backs and monetizes the entire network. Like many other tokens, ALICE can also be bought, sold or staked and as the platform is a P2E model, one has to own a certain in-game activity before earning ALICE. The asset had bombastic inception and smashed the ATH the very first day. Ever since then each attempt of the ALICE price ranging high to hover close to ATH has crashed over time.

Will ALICE price regain the bullish momentum to trade in a double-digit figure? Let’s see!

Introduction to MyNeighbour Alice-In Brief

MyNeighbourAlice is an online blockchain-based multiplayer, player-driven builder game that is inspired by Animal Crossing and Minecraft. As the name says, the main player of the game is Alice. The game offers a set of islands that can be purchased by the players who can develop them into plots with their creation. Therefore the players here can own a virtual land, collect and also build items. 

Developed by Antler Interactive, a Swedish interactive mobile game studio. The game raised nearly $2.1 million in two rounds of funding from VCs like Coin98 Ventures. The native token ALICE can be used to purchase the in-game assets, lands and avatar skins. Also, the ALICE holders get a chance to participate in the governance process.  

How Does MyNeighbour Alice Work?

The ALICE is a builder game that uses the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to secure its network. The users here can create their assets and build land using an open-world format. Each avatar including Alice has customizable avatars. The players can navigate throughout the game universe. Each plot of land here is represented by a customizable NFT which can be traded when other players find a value to a player’s creation. Apart from lands, the platform has many in-house assets and accessories which can be bought using ALICE. The In-game NFT is built on Chromia protocol and powered by the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) blockchain. 

The game is completely free to play and aims to monetize the platform through in-game sales and transaction fees. The players can also lend their NFT’s or also borrow them to earn additional interest or income. To make this hassle-free Alice uses smart contracts. The players can also buy and sell ALICE NFT’s through in-game marketplaces. 

Will the ALICE Price hit $ in 2022?

The ALICE token amid the 2021 bull rally spiked high in its very initial days and smashed its highs at $60. Woefully ever since then, the asset kept drowning in a deep descending channel but never consolidated along with certain levels for a longer time. It kept on flipping the downtrend each time the bears dragged it lower and attempted to range nearer to its ATH. 

However, since the beginning of the year 2022, the ALICE price maintained a notable descending trend where-in each attempt of a rebound failed notably. Yet after the recent slash, the asset was believed to plunge below $5, but the NFT flipped strongly and waited for a stronger push to maintain with the uptrend. 

Currently priced at $9, ALICE’s price may hit the levels between $17 to $22 by the end of the year 2022. With an extended bull run, the asset may inculcate extreme strength and range high to range close to its ATH and may form a new one too. On the contrary, if the bears take back control, then the price may hover around $8 to $12 to end the yearly trade. 

Factors Affecting ALICE Price Today

Virtual Land Ownership and Collateral

The users can purchase virtual land using ALICE, develop them and use it as collateral or even trade it when it finds a suitable value for the creation.

NFT Trading and Collateral

As mentioned above every plot of land is a digital representation in the form of an NFT. And hence it can be traded and also used as collateral.

Staking & Rewards

ALICE, the native token which is also a governance token can be staked on the platform to earn decent rewards. And also the holders participating on network developments stand a chance to earn rewards

Available on IOS & Android including Browser-based Platforms

The game is available on all three major platforms offering ease of use for the users who can use it either on their smartphone or web-browser

Easy to Use & Highly Secured Platform

The game is very user-friendly and easy to handle with a lot of other facilities. Also, the platform is secured by the PoW consensus mechanism within the reach of smart contracts.

Where & How to Buy MyNeighbourAlice(ALICE)

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