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Crypto Price Prediction Bitcoin, ApeCoin, Anchor Protocol & More – May, June & July (2022)

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Most of the crypto assets during the weekly trade did attempt to break through the consolidation, but eventually dropped down to the same levels. And hence the global market cap which was heading towards the $2 trillion mark was restricted below $1.9 trillion. However, now that the monthly trade for April is about to end, the upcoming monthly trades are expected to thrive. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction 

Bitcoin Price Prediction for April

With the fresh price slump, Bitcoin price is currently reduced below INR 40 L. The descending trend with the symmetrical triangle is expected to continue until the end of the month. The BTC price may slash below INR 29 L to close the trade with the possibility of rebounding in the upcoming month. Yet a spike above INR 31.35 L may invalidate a bearish scenario

Bitcoin Price Prediction for May, June, July

Bitcoin price may slice through the symmetrical triangle in the first few days of May and eventually drop to INR 25.23 L by the mid. On the contrary, if levels above INR 29 L are maintained, the price may range from INR 34 L to INR 36.7 L.

June trade may witness a recovery if May remains bearish, and try to achieve INR 30.5 L levels. Else with a settled price above INR 35 L, the price could head towards INR 38.23L and may also hit INR 40L. 

With the start of fresh quarterly trade in July, things may change drastically. A significant bullish momentum may ignite a strong upswing through the second half of 2022

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Apecoin (APE) Price Prediction 

Apecoin Price Prediction for April

Apecoin maintains a significant uptrend since its inception, nullifying the impact of a couple of pullbacks. Currently, the selling pressure is trying to accumulate and if it succeeds, then the price may fall into a bearish well. Therefore, the APE price could end the April’s trade below INR 1200, else if it flips could range high to test INR 1400

Apecoin Price Prediction for May, June, July

The start of May trade may be pretty bullish as the price is rising within an ascending parallel channel and could hit INR 1450 to INR 1500. Further, if the bullish case extends further, the price may range from INR 1550 to INR 1680 in June and above INR 1760 in July. 

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Anchor Protocol (ANC) Price Prediction 

Anchor Protocol Price Prediction for April

The price is testing the lower trend line from where a strong bounce is expected to ignite. With a bounce, the price could try to settle April’s trade-in between INR 180 to INR 200. Else if the price fails to sustain, it may slice down the trend line and test INR 126, and quickly retest the trend line.

Anchor Protocol (ANC) Price Prediction for May, June, July

April’s close may have a deep impact on the opening of the fresh month trade. If bullish, the price may head towards INR 250 or else be restricted at INR 220 by the end of May. Further, the price coils stabilize a strong uptrend and may head towards INR 300. However, if the bears hinder the rally, the price may be restricted below INR 280.

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Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction 

Zilliqa Price Prediction for April

Zilliqa’s price ranged extremely high at the beginning of April but also shed nearly half of its gains. Currently, it is attempting to halt the price plunge below INR 8. If succeeds to rebound, may close April’s trade with a double-digit figure.

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction for May, June, July

Even if the price falls to record a 2-digit figure in April, it may be secure within the first few days of May. Further, the price may head towards the yearly highs beyond INR 15 and could also hit INR 16.7 to INR 20 by the end of June. However, July is expected to be pretty bullish and hence an uptrend may elevate the price from INR 22 to INR 25 by the end of July.

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BitTorrent (BTTC) Price Prediction 

BitTorrent Price Prediction for April

BTTC’s price appears to have laid the path toward the lower support but a significant rebound may be expected with the fresh weekly trade. And hence may end the weekly trade in an attempt to achieve INR 0.00016 levels. But maybe restricted below the INR 0.0001550 levels to end the trade

BitTorrent (ANC) Price Prediction for May, June, July

BTTC price is required to undergo a drastic upswing to hit the upper and strong trend line. And hence the price may gain a notable bullish momentum since the beginning of May’s trade and range beyond INR 0.00016 by the end. 

Further, the price may face some pullback in the first few days of June, which may be flipped towards INR 0.0001650 to INR 0.0001680 by the end. However, the start of Q3 may be pretty bullish as the price may attempt to range close to INR 0.0001730 but may remain restricted below INR 0.0001750 by the end of July.

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