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Anchor Protocol Price Prediction Weekly (May 2022): ANC Price Aims for 24% Upswing This Week

Key Takeaways:

  • The ANC price closed the previous day’s trade at INR 131.536 with a market capitalization of INR 5.83 Lakhs and a circulating supply of 34,23,68,920.52 ANC
  • ANC price is heavily stuck up in a descending trend, but a weekly close above INR 170 may partially flip the bearish trend

Anchor Protocol Price Analysis:  Will ANC Price Hit INR 200 This Week of May?

Anchor Protocol ever since slipped from the highs around INR 260 and is trading within a descending trend forming constant lower highs and lows. However, it managed to rebound above the crucial support at INR 115. Yet the uptrend may not be certified until the price tests and clears INR 150. 

Despite a notable growth in the volume, the buyers are still lagging some momentum and hence the price is not able to register huge spikes. However, the buying pressure is above the selling and one can expect a notable uptrend, slowly yet steadily. And eventually, the ANC price may make it to INR 150 by the end of the week but INR 200 may be a little distinct.

Check out the Latest Prices, Charts, and Data of  ANC/USDT.

Anchor Protocol Price Prediction: ANC Price Trend Comparison with LUNA (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Anchor Protocol is a lending & borrowing protocol on Terra blockchain. Both ANC & LUNA underwent a notable descending trend after both the assets plunged hard in April. However, LUNA sustained the trembled situation quickly and is attempting to range high. While ANC price is drowning in a deep bearish well.

The Terra(LUNA) price after hitting lows close to -30% rebounded to-10% and currently trading at -19.98% from the average levels. Whereas the ANC price ever since dropped from 10% and continued to slash until it reached -45%. And currently, the asset is hovering around -40.38%.

Correlation of ANC/USDT and ANC/BTC (Last 30 Days)

Source: Tradingview

Anchor Protocol maintained a steady trend with both the trading pairs ever since the beginning of April’s trade. Moreover, both the pairs also flipped from the bearish trend at once with the start of the May trade. Both possessed all most similar variations including the pace of surge, plunge or consolidations.

The ANC/USDT pair reached the highs close to 30% and interestingly plunged close to -30%, and currently hovering around -25.36%. On the other hand, ANC/BTC pair also surged to hit 10% but woefully dropped close to -50% and currently underwent a minor rebound to hit -40.38%.

Top Gainers & Losers of the Week

Top Gainers

Crypto Price* 7-Day Percentage Change
Algorand (ALGO) INR 58.27 +20.13%
Helium (HNT) INR 1,179.29 +7.72%
Alpaca Finance (ALPACA INR 35.05 +5.16%
1Inch(1INCH) INR 98.70 +4.97%

Top Losers

Crypto Price* 7-Day Percentage Change
Kyber Network(KNC) INR 316.31 -12.97%
ApeCoin(APE) INR 1,186.50 -11.77%
0x(ZRX) INR 57.05 -6.16%
Waves(WAVES) INR 1,014.01 -4.38%

*Prices are of 03 May 2022 at the time of writing the article

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Crypto Price*
JasmyCoin(JASMY) INR 1.46
Audius(AUDIO) INR 69.88
Waves(WAVES) INR 1,015.63
Mina (MINA) INR 151.31

*Prices are of 03 May 2022 at the time of writing the article 

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