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14 best Email Security Best Practices | Crypto Security tips by CoinDCX

Today the technological advancements have brought numerous advancements that have given us various options for communications. We went from writing letters to each other to sending emails in recent times. It comes as a no-brainer when newer technology, like WhatsApp or Facebook, surfaces today’s generations are quick to adjust to the change. 

CoinDCX is dedicated to providing you a crypto exchange platform that is the simplest, secure, and safest. As a measure, there is a certain number of times we connect with our users via email. To be more specific, you might be getting an email from CoinDCX:

CoinDCX will never call you personally on your phone. If you find a phone number claiming to be for CoinDCX support, it’s a scam. Do not call it. Instead, please send us a support ticket with information about the scammer so that we can take appropriate action.

Following the various changes and advancements, it comes as no surprise that people often dwell on the safety of the newer technologies. To decode the same, in today’s article, we emphasize the email security measures one should definitely take or be aware of, straight from the Security House of CoinDCX!

14 best Email security practices

Listed below are important tips to adhere to that can help protect you from phishing scams: CoinDCX will


How to identify illegitimate emails which are NOT from CoinDCX:

Such emails are from sources other than CoinDCX, although they might appear to be from CoinDCX. Most often, the emails and the attachments in the email are malicious and should not be opened. Don’t provide any sensitive information to any person or website.

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