We’ve setup a Telegram Bot to help you out with everything CoinDCX!


Telegram has become a vital communication channel between us here at CoinDCX and all our treasured customers. It helps us to reach out to you with all the exciting stuff that we’re doing and at the same time resolve any queries or problems that you face.

To make this process simpler, we are introducing a new CoinDCX Assistant on our Telegram group. We will feed it with your most recurring queries and price updates for all coins on our platform so that you are updated even while on the go 😄

Try the assistant at t.me/coindcx

Commands to use CoinDCX Assistant


#coins/#coin- Update on upcoming coins and list of existing coins

#inr- Our take on INR trading pairs and why we don’t support it for now

#rbi- RBI guidelines and why we are unaffected by it

#app- Update on our Android and iOS apps

Slash commands

/price- Price update for all coins in both BTC and ETH pairs

/individual coin- Individual coin price update in both BTC and ETH pairs
(for eg. /xrp, /zil etc.)

Hope this helps you solve your problems faster :)

Join CoinDCX Updates and let’s keep India at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

Disclaimer: CoinDCX is not dealing with fiat (INR) pairs due to the latest RBI notice (Announcement). Trading in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is subject to market risks, prices are determined purely by the demand/supply and not controlled by the platform.