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DCX Club – CoinDCX Launches Fee Tiering

DCX Club


  1. CoinDCX launches its Fee Tiering structure for all its users.
  2. You will now pay less on transaction fees when you trade more.
  3. Pay as low as  0.04 % once you reach DCX Platinum. 

Prior to September 22, 2020, the trading fees on CoinDCX was 0.1% irrespective of the volume of trades made by our users. This meant that traders who often trade in large quantities would get no advantage or rebate for the trades that they made on CoinDCX. 

Fret no more! 

CoinDCX announces DCX Club, a trader-friendly Fee Tiering structure for all our users across the globe.

All the users on our platform will now be a part of one of the 10 different levels in our ‘DCX Club’. This segregation will be done based on their cumulative trading volume on Spot and Margin for the last 45 days on the CoinDCX platform. The more you trade, the higher you rank, the lesser you will be charged on our platform. User’s transaction (Maker/Taker) fee will be decided based on the club you belong to.

Users can check their Clubs by clicking HERE.

This structure has been developed keeping the needs of our traders and their contributions to our platform in mind. CoinDCX is a pioneering the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency adoption across the world with its #TryCrypto campaign. We want to encourage high trading volumes & high-value trading which will result in more and more adoption of cryptocurrencies. We want to reward our traders for trusting us and with this, we aim to ensure that they get the best possible rates on their trades.



45d Trading Volume (BTC) Maker (Spot/Margin) Taker (Spot/Margin)
DCX Bitcoin 25000-100000 0.04% 0.06%
DCX Elite 10000-25000 0.05% 0.07%
DCX Platinum 5000-10000 0.06% 0.08%
DCX Diamond 1000-5000 0.07% 0.085%
DCX Emerald 500-1000 0.075% 0.09%
DCX Gold 100-500 0.08% 0.1%
DCX Silver 50-100 0.085% 0.1%
DCX Bronze 10-50 0.09% 0.1%
DCX Pro 5-10 0.095% 0.1%
DCX Genesis 0-5 0.1% 0.1%

While the fee structure for the trader might be different for every exchange i.e. Binance, Huobi, HitBTC and other partnered exchanges on CoinDCX, the DCX Club will be based on the trailing 45-day trading volume on Spot and Margin across the global platform only on Binance’s markets.

The Club level shall get updated every midnight (00:00 IST) for all traders. Users will be charged with the new trading fee in case your DCX Club changes. This new trading fee will be valid until any further changes in your DCX Club.

For trades taking place in other pairs, all the BTC volume will be determined by the price at which that order got fulfilled. All trading done on the spot and margin markets will be considered to determine your DCX Club.

Who will benefit from this new fee tiering structure? Well, all of our Traders. However, our API traders and market makers who are trading in high volumes will be benefiting more from this structure as they are contributing more to CoinDCX’s trading platform as well as the acceleration of our #TryCrypto campaign. Click HERE to apply to become a Market Maker on CoinDCX. This will eventually make the markets more liquid, meaning, it will now become easier for you to execute your trades at the price you want.

Please note that the VIP level only gives you benefits of the transaction fees for your Club. Fees are still charged on a per-trade basis.

Other fee considerations:

So, what are you waiting for? Spend lower on your transaction fees by simply trading more!

If you haven’t joined our platform yet, click here to watch this step by step tutorial on how to signup and login on CoinDCX.


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