CoinDCX Monthly Report – October 2020

  • Taking another step in the direction of delighting customers, CoinDCX has added shorting options on 33 new digital assets. Users can now maximize their gains even when prices go south.
  • All the CoinDCX users are now eligible for 1% supercash on MobiKwik. add code ‘Infinite’ while making your transactions through MobiKwik & earn up to Rs 1000. The offer is valid till November 30, 2020.
  • CoinDCX made multiple upgrades to its security which have added additional layers of security to protect your funds.

(A) CoinDCX has made it mandatory for all the accounts to have unique phone numbers. This will prevent duplication of accounts and close a door of unauthorized access in your account.

(B) CoinDCX is enhancing more security on withdrawals and taking measures to prevent the transfer of funds which have been previously involved in hacks and scams.

  • CoinDCX has added multiple new tokens like FileCoin, Chromia, EasyFi, and many DeFi tokens this month to its extensive list of tokens.
  • CoinDCX’s lending platform, Lend, now provides a maximum annual interest rate of 14.61%, up from 12.2%.
  • Support Success Rate – CoinDCX’s support team has again proven its tenacity by achieving a 95% success rate & maintained the consistency.

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