CoinDCX Monthly Report — September 2020

CoinDCX Newsletter
  • CoinDCX announced DCX Club, a trader-friendly fee tiering structure for all our users across the globe. All the users on our platform will now be a part of one of the 10 different levels in our ‘DCX Club’. This segregation will be done based on their cumulative trading volume on Spot and Margin for the last 45 days on the CoinDCX platform.
  • CoinDCX made multiple upgrades to its security which have added additional layers of security to protect your funds.
    (A) CoinDCX has made it mandatory for all accounts to have unique phone numbers. This will prevent duplication of accounts and close a door of unauthorized access in your account.
    (B) Users now need to set up and enter an additional Withdrawal Password to withdraw funds from CoinDCX. Withdrawal Password will help you prevent unauthorized withdrawals and illicit theft of funds.
    (C) CoinDCX is enhancing more security on withdrawals and taking measures to prevent the transfer of funds which have been previously involved in hacks and scams
  • CoinDCX announced the listing of 35 tokens during the DeFi Week that commenced on September 23, 2020. We conducted competitions with $350 worth of USDT as giveaways for our lucky winner.
  • CoinDCX’s lending platform, Lend, now provides a maximum annual interest rate of 14.61%.


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