CoinDCX Monthly Report – February 2021.

  • February’21 had an amazing start with the CoinDCX app crossing the 50,000 download mark. A huge Thank You to all our community members and users.
  •  CoinDCX’s dynamic efforts got recognized by Elon Musk! And we are definitely giddy about it.
  • CoinDCX has added multiple new tokens like FXS, XEM along with new pairs to multiple tokens this month to its extensive list of tokens.
  • CoinDCX hosted the Matic AMA session and also a live session with our CEO Sumit Gupta on their YouTube channel.
  • CoinDCX celebrated 31st January by going out for a team dinner and celebrated performers of the month.
  • Our CEO Sumit Gupta penned an article for Economic Times. Read it here.
  • CoinDCX joined hands with various other Indian cryptocurrency exchanges to work alongside each other and created the #IndiaWantsBitcoin movement. Click here to join.

RBI Proposed Cryptocurrency Bill Plan and CoinDCX

Our analysis on RBI’s proposed bill to ban private cryptocurrency.

Tesla would accept payments in Bitcoin, would that be possible in India?

We started New Year with a trip to Goa and an amazing Team Dinner after a year! Click here to take a sneak-peek.
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