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Bitcoin has remained the alpha of the cryptocurrencies throughout 2020. Ever since it has grabbed the attention of investors in 2017, Bitcoin has only shown potential for being the currency of the future. Indian mass welcomed Bitcoin after RBI’s banking ban was revoked by the Supreme Court. But with the rise in popularity, people started asking questions like,

From where does Bitcoin get its value?

 Where can I start investing in Bitcoin easily?

Exchanges and apps dealing with cryptocurrencies are tearing up that prevalent envelope and working towards making Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin available to the mass at the tip of their fingers.

Firstly, what exactly is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital form of cash that was invented in 2009 by a person (or group of people) called Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi had a plan to create a purely peer-to-peer electronic cash that would not have properties of the fiat currency. Bitcoins can be sent from person to person without the need of a financial institution. The entire system of bitcoin functions due to the work done by a group of people called miners.

Bitcoin transactions have the following properties:

  • Irreversible
  • Fast and global
  • Secure
  • Permission-less

Now that you know what is a Bitcoin and how it works, let us look into why Bitcoin is the biggest asset class and why CoinDCX is the easiest and simple way to invest in Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin is the biggest asset class?

Bitcoin – From a Doubtful Beginning to a Trustworthy Investment

When Bitcoin first came into the market, its potential was heavily doubted by investors and the mass in general. When it hit an unexpected all-time high in 2017, the doubts at first were one of the reasons why Bitcoin attracted huge amounts after 2017. This resulted in a huge rise in Bitcoin investment in India and in the global markets.

Bitcoin is secure

Unlike other well-known assets, such as Gold, Bitcoin is not directly manhandled. The whole trading process of Bitcoin is run through a new-age technology; Blockchain.

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Bitcoin is Controlled by You

The Bitcoin transaction which happens through the Blockchain technology, falls under the decentralized system. This means no one is in control of the transaction other than the computers, where the transaction is actually taking place.

Bitcoin is Scarce

The total amount of Bitcoin available for investors and traders is limited to 21 million Bitcoins. Till date 18 million of those Bitcoins have been used. Due to the known facts about the availability of the asset, there is a rush for everyone to get their hands on the new asset class.

Get your Bitcoin today!

Institutional Adoption of Bitcoin:

We have established the reason behind the sudden rise of curiosity and trading in Bitcoin in India is because of the journey Bitcoin had in 2020. The institutional adoption gave the already rising Bitcoin investment another boost.

Bitcoin as a payment option

The easiest way for us to tackle any form of investment is via online transfer of funds right? This possibility through Bitcoin added a lot more value for people, as the asset that they are investing in can also be liquified into buying the smallest of things like pizzas to even invest in real estates.

Indian masses were asking all the questions but they were also searching for an easy access to Bitcoin. Knowing the potential Indian markets have for Bitcoin, CoinDCX built CoinDCX App. The app has simplified the investing process and lets you acquire your crypto in 3 simple steps.

Now why CoinDCX is your Go-to-app for investing in Bitcoin

CoinDCX is your one-stop platform for investing in cryptocurrencies. The app is curated keeping in mind the requirements a new age investor might have, such as using complicated trading terminals. Users can sign up, update their KYC and start taking their first steps to enter the crypto space for an amount as low as INR 500.

The CoinDCX app was created with the sole goal of creating crypto investment easy for you. It aims to help you keep up with the constant change and provide you with the industry’s best technology.

The CoinDCX has taken into account the insights from various sources and advanced its functionality to give you an efficient investing and easy transaction experience. You do not have to go through the hassle of entering your trades in the order book anymore. All your orders will be automatically executed. Gone are the days where you had to wait for trading orders to process or had to face delays in receiving money in your bank accounts. CoinDCX app can help you exchange your funds at a lightning speed.

To give you reasons beyond the simplified Bitcoin investment platform, here are the additional benefits you get with CoinDCX.

Confident first steps in Crypto

Buying Cryptos on CoinDCX is as easy as tapping on your smartphone. If you are new to crypto, CoinDCX is definitely a go-to app for you. It stands true to make your investment process an effortless one. You cannot find an app that is this simple to use and makes buying Bitcoin this easy.

Buying Cryptocurrency Instantly

CoinDCX app allows you access to your own cryptocurrency instantly. CoinDCX can make you go from Signup to buying your first crypto within minutes.

Zero fee

Yes, you are reading it right. Zero fee! The CoinDCX charges zero fees on withdrawals and deposits. Where else can you get it right? CoinDCX is assuring you that you can now send and receive your cryptos for free, instantly, and securely all at once. Go investing!

Buy cryptos from your bank account

You can directly link your Bank account to your CoinDCX account and buy or sell cryptos within seconds. It can be via. IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, or through any of our partnered payment gateways.

Trading on the Go

Start investing in your favorite assets or Bitcoin, whenever you want and from wherever you are. CoinDCX is excluding the previously required need to go to a complex exchange portal to exchange your cryptocurrencies for another. Strategize your investments and diversify your portfolio in our App with a few taps and make the best out of the market movements. Anywhere! Anytime!

Secure Crypto Wallets

Security is of utmost importance for CoinDCX. We understand the importance that security holds for our users too. CoinDCX wallets are extremely secure and the funds are ensured with Bitgo. 98% of CoinDCX’s funds are held in geographically distributed multi-signature cold wallets. Thus, rest assured, your wallets and digital assets are safe and secure.

24×7 support

CoinDCX provides 24×7 support to all its customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are trading after hours or you are situated in a different time zone, you can reach us at any time via web tickets and emails.

Please Note –  You don’t require a new account on CoinDCX if you already have an account on CoinDCX Pro. This is done to ensure that your account is synced when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies on CoinDCX Pro and CoinDCX. In the case where you use your same credentials on CoinDCX Pro and CoinDCX, you will be able to buy and sell the same cryptocurrencies mentioned on both the products. Moreover, this aims to help you manage your portfolio in an efficient way.

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