ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) is now listed on CoinDCX Pro

We are pleased to announce the listing of the new digital asset ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) in our USDT market on October 23, 2020. Trading will go live on October 23, 2020, 6.00 pm IST ( 2:30 pm CEST).


With the rise in usability and easier accessibility of capital,  the rise of transactional utilities through tokens have become one of the most talked-about phenomena of the cryptographic realm. Not only are these technological advancements simplifying business processes and transactions, but these are also leading to a secured and a fundamental way in which individuals can liquidate these utility or security tokens at a later date. 

ZelaaPayAE has created a product where its utility token, ZPAE has been designed to process fiat-to-crypto transactions in the UAE through a consortium of merchants that have a high volume of daily transactions i.e. you can transfer Emirati dirham (AED) – and in the future other fiat currencies as well – with a single click or invest your assets in ZPAE to benefit from the targeted growth of the platform. 

What has ZelaaPayAE got to offer?

As mentioned in its white paper, ZelaaPayAE has created a platform that provides multiple features that can be used by several parties on a regular basis.
The features include – 

  • DeFi – ZelaaPayAE is surely up to date when it comes to the requirements of the people in today’s world. Building a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to allow investors to participate in the tokenization of their assets. This could open up investment in a broad category of assets which were earlier not available to people, such as collectables, paintings, antiques, etc. Tokenization also means that anyone from across the world can now own anything they want, that too in a much simpler way.
  • Virtual Kiosk – It is an iPad based cryptocurrency kiosk which can help you buy cryptocurrencies using debit and credit cards. Simplicity at its best! 
  • XPASS – ZelaaPayAE has been working with  Pundi Labs to leverage on their widely famous technology, the XPASS that can help users to pay at the ZPAE merchant network across UAE. ZelaaPayAE is therefore helping in decentralising the spending power of citizens by providing crypto powered digital asset cards and also ZPAE focused debit cards.
  • XPOS – A high-end crypto Point-Of-Sale terminal that accepts ZPAE as a mode of payment for merchants around UAE – the ZPAE merchant network. Not only will this promote usability but also the utility of ZPAE to generate an inflow of revenues inside the country.
  • ZPAE Debit Card – In order to ensure there is mass adoption of ZPAE in UAE and the world, ZelaaPayAE is building a debit card on top of the Visa Payment Processing Network which can allow spending ZPAE wherever Visa is accepted around the world. 
  • ON-RAMPS – ZelaaPayAE has partnered with a strong payment layer – Dapi. Moreover, ZPAE has access to 14+ major banks all over the UAE. This allows us to develop ON-RAMPS for global crypto exchanges to accept AED.

Moreover, ZPAE not only has its presence or working in Dubai but also in other Emirates like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and more. ZelaaPayAE’s mission is to transform the spending patterns of people all over and to deliver a sustainable ecosystem powered by the blockchain. 


The entire Gulf comprises of an estimated 54 million people and a cumulative net worth of $3 trillion and more. Since most of this wealth is handled in an old school way, there is vast potential for people to move from old school to an ecosystem that is powered by blockchain.
Digitising the assets in a decentralized manner is the best way to stay in control of your funds while also reducing the amount of effort and the extra transaction fees needed while making any purchases. From offering the crypto-centric debit card to easy solutions for converting your fiat to cryptos, ZPAE has got the idea and the funds to pull it off. 

Team of ZelaaPayAE

The Founder/CEO of ZelaaPayAE, Sahil Arora, has got an experience of managing businesses ranging from financial technologies to handling media ventures and then scaling blockchain-powered hardware and software businesses. He is a Peter Thiel Foundation 2016 Participant and a Draper University Alumni.
ZelaaPayAE is currently backed by Lead Ventures with the support from several personalities like Floyd Mayweather (Boxing Champion) and Akon (Pop Icon).

Token Economics

ZelaaPayAE will add 130 million ZPAE tokens to its previous token supply of 230 million tokens, bringing the total supply to 360,000,000 ZPAE.
These new tokens will be majorly minted for allocation towards their DeFi system locked OTC deals with institutions and towards growth partnerships with prominent and widely known major exchanges that will list ZPAE. 
As on October 22, 2020, ZPAE currently sells at $0.001733 with a circulating supply 262,609,722 ZPAE tokens and a market capitalization of $455,039.

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