Top Altcoins 2022 | 8 Altcoins to Watch Out For in June 2022 ( by Market Cap)

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The market is slowly recovering from the market crash. Some crypto assets have taken the bullet and will take time to bounce back in the game. While some have gotten even more attention as their ecosystems have expanded due to more platforms being built on top of these layers and newer and larger communities being onboarded to them.  While there are more than 12,000 altcoins spread across different categories like utility, governance, stables and security tokens (ICOs). 

The formula to analyze the growth of a certain crypto asset is simple. Learn about the people who are building platforms on top of these layers, how large and widespread the community of an altcoin is and most importantly the circulating supply of these assets and the max supply. 

Top 8 Altcoins Watch out For in June 

Coin  Price* ( June 22, 2022)   Market Cap* Circulating supply*
Cardano (ADA) 38.75 $15,787,890,618 33.74B ADA
ApeCoin (APE) 441.40 $1,224,884,003 299,531,250.00 APE
Flow (FLOW) 122.23 $1,510,311,872 1.04B FLOW
Polygon (MATIC) 33.59 $3,237,351,262 8.00B MATIC
Ripple (XRP) 26.75 $15,485,231,470 48.34B XRP
Celo (CELO) 72.82 $390,017,120 445,012,828.00 CELO
Algorand (ALGO) 26.42 $2,186,489,480 6.90B ALGO
Solana (SOL) 2,912.28 $12,017,440,632 342,508,390.88 SOL

*All prices, market cap, and circulating supply are latest as of June 22, 2022.*

Source: CoinDCX; CoinMarketcap

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Cardano is a proof of stake blockchain can be used to build smart contracts and dAPPS as the output. With the Ouroboros protocol at the heart of the blockchain, Cardano is the first network to have peer-reviewed research. Cardano has seen a massive number of commits and projects being set in motion on their Github account post their Vasil hard fork development.  The chain has also established some great partnerships with the University of Illinois, Ethiopia and New Balance. Investors can earn passive income via DeFi by staking ADA on an exchange or one can even stake the token through the native wallet.

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After BAYC – Bored Ape Yacht Club shot to fame, the entity ‘Yuga Labs’ designed its own token to help the community govern the ecosystem. With ApeCoin, investors will be able to participate in the Ape DAO and will get exclusive access to feature games that are not open to all. ApeCoin is an ERC-20 standard token. As per stats, ApeCoin ranks 35th in crypto-asset investments. As per sources, ApeCoin will soar at a higher value in a few months since the coin has some utilities and offers governance to Ape project enthusiasts. According to Changelly, APE’s value might reach a maximum of $5.01 in September 2022.

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Flow is a blockchain designed to build easy and ship web3 platforms faster. Smart contracts on Flow are easy to build and deploy. The platform offers a boutique of developer resources for a great developing experience. Flow’s human-readable security makes transactions on the chain smooth. The platform rewards node runners who validate transactions on the blockchain. 

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The layer 2 blockchain literally needs no introduction. Matic – native token of Polygon. The platform is built on top of Ethereum blockchain. Its infrastructure is what sets it apart from Ethereum. Based on Zero proof of knowledge roll-ups and Plasma, the transaction fee on the network is relatively less. The candlestick graph of Matic has shown volatility but the community and the ever-developing infrastructure of the chain is what keeps it on web3 evangelists’ radar. The token is currently trading between 30-35 INR (13th June 2022) 

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 XRP is a financial utility token designed for global borderless payments. Despite the probe by the SEC, Ripple has garnered the full support of crypto investors. The maximum expected value of XRP may hit around $0.44. Ripple is deemed as a potential altcoin because of its transformative characteristic which has attracted a lot of attention from the banking sector. 

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Celo is a blockchain designed to make stablecoins creation simplified. cUSD and cEUR are two of Celo’s native coins. Celo’s software infrastructure aims to make users’ phone numbers as public keys. Made for the world on the move. Apps made on Celo offer the user to make payments in any currency they wish. The token deems  to be a good investment as the foundation will be one of the early adopters of ‘DeFi on the smartphone’.

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Algorand aims at driving mass adoption of blockchain technology. With a unique and robust network, many dApps have been built across categories like finance, healthcare, entertainment and a few more categories in Algorand’s ecosystem. The unique selling proposition of the blockchain is its scalability at low fees (Thanks to Algorand being a forkless blockchain; which also makes it a carbon negative blockchain. 

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The popularity and the community backing the blockchain owing to its state of the art technology is one of the key reasons for its fame. Minimal fees and zero caps on minimum tokens have been driving investors to invest in the blockchain. A striking factor about this crypto is that it’s value has come toe to toe with Ethereum. 

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With the crypto crash dangling over the markets, it is yet to be seen, which coins come back stronger than before. It is always a mandate that any investor should engage in thorough research about a potential crypto asset before diving into crypto investing. The crypto space, like any other assets is extremely volatile. Experts are of the opinion that to enjoy the crypto space reap some fruits for their holding they should HODL or be disciplined about their crypto investing and trading. 

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