INR Wallet going live on CoinDCX! 🇮🇳


We are proud to announce INR wallet for deposits and withdrawals on CoinDCX.

You have been asking us to make the INR deposit/ withdrawal process FAST, SIMPLE and SECURE.

We have been working towards that goal and making DCXinsta faster and simpler.

INR deposits and withdrawals are the first step towards making DCXinsta quicker than it gets! INR wallet is going live at 09:00 pm tonight.

Over the months before the launch of DCXinsta, the cryptocurrency market share in India had considerably dropped. DCXinsta revived the markets and INR wallet is going to boost the crypto trading ecosystem in India.

INR wallet will complete the entire crypto trading ecosystem.

INR Wallet going live on CoinDCX

Benefits of INR wallet:

Buying crypto on DCXinsta will now be faster than ever before! ✅

After adding funds to your INR wallet, you can simply buy any cryptocurrency on DCXinsta without the hassle of paying the seller using UPI/IMPS, entering a payment reference number and waiting for confirmation. INR will be debited from your INR wallet and you can  buy on DCXinsta in a simpler and faster way.

Better than any existing platform for depositing/withdrawing INR ✅

Depositing on P2P platforms is a hassle as you wait to be matched to a peer or wait for confirming a payment. This process takes anywhere between 30 minutes to hours. With INR wallets, you simply deposit funds (instantly).

You won’t experience FOMO anymore! ✅

Remember the last time a cryptocurrency was pumping and you missed the bus? Not anymore. Buy any crypto instantly using INR in your INR wallet. You won’t miss out on anything anymore!

✅ Get started

Login to your CoinDCX Account and you’ll find your INR wallet in the Funds section.

INR Wallet 

You can Deposit/ Withdraw INR to your wallet from here.

For INR Deposit :

  • Click on Deposit INR to wallet on the top right corner of the INR wallet screen

Add INR to Wallet

  • Enter the Amount and Add Money

Note : The procedure to Add INR to your wallet is same as it was for DCXinsta.

  • Send INR through UPI/ IMPS to the account details shared on the following screen.

Transfer INR through UPI/ IMPS

  • Confirm payment details on the next screen.

Confirm Payment Details

  • Payment gets detected and reflects in your INR wallet

Detecting Payment

INR added to your wallet

For INR Withdrawal :

  • Click on Withdraw INR to bank account in the INR wallet tab

Withdraw INR to bank account

  • Once you have selected the amount you wish to withdraw, click verify and you get an OTP.

OTP for INR Withdrawal

  • Enter the OTP, click confirm the withdrawal and you will receive INR in your bank account within the stipulated time.

Request Received

Note that :

✅ Minimum order for deposit is ₹10 and withdrawal is ₹500.

✅ INR deposits are instant just like DCXinsta! (INR reflects in wallet in less than 60 seconds)

✅ INR withdrawals take between 2-30 minutes.

INR wallet is going live on CoinDCX at 09:00 pm tonight! Gear up for buying/ selling crypto faster than ever!

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