6 Bitcoin Millionaire Stories I Bitcoin Success Stories

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency stories are the new normal for investors and traders. The cryptocurrency boom in the finance sector has made sure to never cease to amaze us. Honestly, the sector is the intangible version of us humans! How we all have been patiently working hard all our lives to land a job we always wanted, or start a business and make a name for ourselves. Cryptocurrency is no different. It brought us something valuable, helped the Finance sector step into the newer version of itself and after a quiet few years, it is now gaining its much-deserved praises.

Whenever cryptocurrency is brought into a discussion, Bitcoin is never behind. This unmistakable crypto is constantly finding itself within enormous successes. The reason why it has most of the time instigated some thought or the other among us, regarding how many people have profited from the digital gold and even became millionaires. 

Bitcoin success stories are constantly increasing in numbers, being one of the most affluent cryptocurrencies along with others like Ethereum, Ripple etc. None of bitcoin’s competitors is anywhere near it, and Bitcoin is yet to reach its full potential and value. Imagine how much more potential it has in store for when more people come to know about the most well-known cryptocurrency. Let us take a dive into some of the Bitcoin success stories.

6 Bitcoin Success Stories
  • Roger Ver
  • The Mysterious Mr Smith
  • A teenager to a start-up owner
  • Charlie Shrem
  • Jeremy Gardner
  • Only Bitcoin for Salary

Roger Ver

Roger is one of the earliest investors of Bitcoin and bitcoin-related start-ups. He is also a Bitcoin advocate and has been given the name of ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ because of his advocacy regarding Bitcoin. Due to his early investments in Bitcoin and other bitcoin related ventures, he has made a fortune of $520 million! Not only has he earned millions, but he has also given back a lot to charities. Currently, he is firmly pushing Bitcoin Cash. 

Read more about Roger Ver, here.

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The mysterious Mr Smith

Mr Smith is another Bitcoin millionaire. But he has opted to stay out of the media frenzy. He also gave Forbes magazine an interview, but in an incognito mode. Mr Smith was a college graduate and was working as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley around 2008. It was around this time when a friend mentioned Bitcoin to him. After a few months of research, he spent $3000 and forgot about the investment, until 2013, when BTC’s price was on a rise. That’s when he found out he is a millionaire now.

He quit his job and started travelling around the world. That is all that he does now. Interesting, is it not?

A teenager to a Start-Up owner

In 2012, Erik Finman, a 15-year-old teenager got his interest spiked in investment. After conducting some research of his own, he invested all the money he received on Easter from his Grandmother, in Bitcoin. It was a total of $1000 that he invested. Surprisingly, the same amount rose to $100,000 in a matter of one year! That is when he sold all his Bitcoin and later started his own company called, Botangle. The organization is a web venture where he provides video tutoring services and he pays all his employees in Bitcoin. 

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem bought an impressive amount of BItcoin before it saw a surge and invested in a lot of other assets along with BTC. Altogether, he saw a return of $450 million! He was also associated with Roger Ver and co-founded BitInstant with him. 

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner is the owner of ‘Crypto Castle’, literally. He started his investment journey after much research. Once he was convinced that Bitcoin is here to stay and most probably will bring in a wave of investors, he started to collect Bitcoins from his friends in exchange for cash. The possibilities of Bitcoin and that too only via internet connection amazed Jeremy so much that he ended up investing a few thousand dollars at first. Within a span of few days, his net worth was doubled. At 25, he was already a self-made millionaire. 

Jeremy, then co-founded Crypto Castle, a three-storey building in San Francisco, the residence of Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. 

Only Bitcoin for salary

In February 2013, Olaf Carlson Wee was hired by a well-known cryptocurrency company. Being already aware of what potential BItcoin holds, he demanded to be only paid in Bitcoin. Bitcoin was priced at $20 – $30 at that time. His farsightedness has today made him a millionaire. 

The stories are endless. Every day someone or the other is achieving multiple feats due to their diversified portfolio. The potential this revolutionary asset class has shown is beyond anything that was ever deemed possible. 

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