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Earn $25 for every friend you refer!

CoinDCX’s latest referral program allows you to earn 25 USDT for every friend you refer!

With our latest referral program, every friend who uses your referral code to sign up and trades worth 5 BTC or above, will earn 25 USDT each for themselves and you!

CoinDCX’s biggest ever referral campaign gives you and your friends the chance to earn a total of 50 USDT, just by trading for a total of 5 BTC or above.

Refer Now!

CoinDCX referrals: Invite your friends to CoinDCX and win $25 when they trade!

“Trading”, used above, refers to trades placed on either DCXinsta, DCXtrade, or DCXmargin. Lending conducted through DCXlend does not count towards our referral program.

Additionally, if you have just 1 BTC, you can leverage your BTC by 5x and place an order. This also qualifies you for the referral program.

Referral FAQs:

No KYC verification is necessary to avail this offer. Neither party has to hold a verified account, however, the deposit and withdrawal limitations remain unchanged.

There is no limit on how many people you can refer.

You do not have to trade in BTC. To earn 25 USDT, your trades must be worth 5 BTC in any currency. Placing 5 trades in XRP, each amounting to 1 BTC each will add up to a valuation of 5 BTC, and qualify you for the 25 USDT reward.

An example: If Person A uses Person B’s referral code to sign up, and Person A trades worth 5 BTC on any product, both Person A and Person B will see 25 USDT each credited to their CoinDCX account.

Refer Now!

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