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Daily Crypto News Feb 5, 2022: Top 3 crypto updates for today

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Within the first weekend of February 2022, the crypto space has not only been introduced to possible new NFT marketplaces, but the NFT segment has also garnered much more interest from various other institutions! Japan’s Nintendo has recently addressed their ‘interest’ in NFTs.Not only the tech giants are taking interest in the NFTs but also the world-renowned football team, Manchester United have now joined hands with Tezos to create NFTs of their own! Not only do we have MU taking an interest, but a German professional football team has also struck a deal with Baby Doge to create NFTs.Following the craze of NFTs, not only do we have football giants joining in, but also prominent animals on the Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa will now have NFTs to raise money for conservation.

Daily Crypto News  Feb 5, 2022

Nintendo hints it’s ‘interested’ in NFTs and metaverse

Following the popularity of metaverse, Nintendo’s (TYO: 7974) most recent financial results, the company held a Q&A session in which one of the questions addressed NFTs and the metaverse, among other topics. According to the senior analyst at MST Financial, David Gibson, Nintendo hinted that it is interested in this area and could see ‘the potential’ it had for the company.

Read more on Nintendo, here.

Source: Finbold

FinboldTezos scores $27M deal with Man United, Baby Doge backs Hoffenheim

Manchester United, one of the world’s most popular soccer (or football) teams, is reportedly set to announce a multi-year training kit sponsorship by proof-of-stake blockchain platform Tezos. Meanwhile, Doge- and Shiba Inu-inspired meme coin Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge) has announced it has partnered with professional football club TSG Hoffenheim, a team in the Bundesliga — Germany’s top football league.
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Source: CoinTelegraph

WildEarth Minting Game Reserve Animal NFTs for Conservation

Wildlife streaming service WildEarth is minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of game reserve animals to raise money for conservation. The NFTs will feature 25 of the most prominent animals on the Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa, like Tlalamba, a four-year-old leopard, who has become the most sought-after among buyers. Roughly 40% of the proceeds for the NFTs currently priced around $200 each will go to the upkeep of the animals’ habitat.
Read more on the WildEarth NFT venture, here.

Source: BeinCrypto

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Crypto Market Trend February 5, 2022

Here is a quick summary of the top crypto gainers and losers for the day.

Top 3 Crypto Gainers

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by February 4, 2022)  Change in % 
Gala (GALA) ₹ 19.65 29.05%
Spell Token (SPELL) ₹ 0.56 16.12%
Theta Token (THETA) ₹ 260.16 15.86%

*All prices are latest by 11:50 AM February 5, 2022.*

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by February 4,  2022)  Change in % 
Maker (MKR) ₹ 1,78,685.76 -2.89%
TerraUSD (UST) ₹ 77.44 -2.74%
Quant (QNT) ₹ 10,600.27 -2.55%

*All prices are latest by 11:50 AM February 5, 2022.*

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