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Daily Crypto News Jan 16, 2022: Top 3 crypto updates for today

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It’s another Sunday full of the latest happenings around the crypto space with Crypto currently. The NFT hype has gotten real with the NFT giant OpenSea, surpassing 1 million active users. There is no doubt that this year is full of some amazing surprises for all the NFT lovers and it has already begun. Artemis has launched the world’s first mobile-focused NFT social and trading platform. This has been done to provide a better user experience to all the NFT lovers and create a strong community for all of them. 

Gemini has finally acquired Bitria, a San Fransisco-based wealth management tool company to provide financial assistance to crypto investors. It is Gemini’s way to insert crypto in the wealth-management sector and provide services to people who need help with crypto investments. 

Quick Crypto News Roundup! 

 Daily Crypto News  Jan 16, 2022

Artemis launched the first mobile-focused NFT social and Trading platform

The NFT market has started to spread its wings and fly after invading the art and gaming space. Although there are loads of lucrative opportunities in the current market there are shortcomings too related to the users’ experience. NFTs are currently desktop-focused and thus there is limited user interaction. There is also an absence of community, therefore most of the activities that take place concerning NFTs are carried out away from the platform thus creating a glitch in the entire user journey and experience. 

Artemis seeks to overcome these shortcomings and improve the interaction with NFTs by creating its social and trading platform which is completely mobile based. 

Read more about Artemis in detail and how it is determined on improving the user experience. 

Source: BTC Peers 

Gemini acquired BITRIA to push crypto to the wealth management industry

The crypto exchange Gemini declared on Thursday that it has agreed to purchase Bitria, a startup based in San Fransisco that provides management tools for crypto portfolios. The primary aim for Bitria is to provide traditional asset managers and financial advisors who shall help clients to invest in cryptocurrencies. 

Read more in detail about the complete plan of Gemini by acquiring BITRIA

Source: Cointelegraph

OpenSea now has 1 million active User wallets 

The New year of 2022 continues to be splendid for OpenSea as it surpasses 1 million active user base. The NFT giant has achieved a new milestone of these many active users. This milestone is the latest indication of how the NFT market will continue to grow this year and the marketplace shall see even massive expansion than the previous year. 

The platform saw more than $2 billion in trading volume on Thursday and is in line for a new all-time high in terms of monthly trading activity. 

Read more in detail about OpenSea surpassing 1 million active users and what it means for the giant NFT marketplace in the coming year. 

Source: Cryptopotato 

Crypto Market Trend January 16, 2022

Here is a quick summary of the top crypto gainers and losers for the day. 

Top 3 Crypto Gainers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by January 16, 2022)  Change in % 
IoTeX ₹8.91 9.66%
Cardano (ADA) ₹109.52 8.61%
Chromia (CHR) ₹70.53 6.03%

*Prices are latest by 11:50 AM January 16, 2022.*

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by January 16,  2022)  Change in % 
Loopring (LRC) ₹107.27 4.81%
Doge (DOGE) ₹14.52 4.62%
Harmony (ONE) ₹26.53 3.04%

*Prices are latest by 11:50 AM January 16, 2022.*

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