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Daily Crypto News Dec 7, 2021: Top 3 crypto updates for today

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It won’t be an exaggeration to call this year, the year of altcoins. Another such altcoin that has been creating a buzz in the crypto market is Cardano! Cardano (ADA) hits 1 million staked wallets. While Cardano continues to create new benchmarks for itself, NFT space has seen a new big hit which is the sale of virtual land. This sale was led by The Sandbox with decentraland backing it in the second place. 

Syscoin is up for the new upgrade which consists of traits from Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. Making the network invisible for a reason. Read more about all the latest crypto news in detail below. 

Quick Crypto News Roundup! 

 Daily Crypto News  Dec 7, 2021

Cardano (ADA) hits 1 million wallets in staking 

Cardano, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, reached an amazing number of 1 million staked wallets on its network. This is a huge number for the network as its only been four years since its inception. This is due to the grown acceptance around the crypto space along with the great use cases provided by the network. 

Famous crypto investor Jesse Blount congratulated Cardano founder  Charles Hoskinson on this remarkable achievement. Traders like Lukas Moore also expressed their firm belief in the network and expressed that Cardano might have a parabolic growth in 2022. He shared this while keeping in mind his own journey with ADA and all the great opportunities the ADA ecosystem is going to bring in the upcoming years. 

Read more about Cardano hitting 1 million staked wallets in detail. 

NFT sales dominate the virtual lands, The Sandbox leading the way 

A huge chunk of the Metaverse investment was seen over the past week on virtual lands. Although Decentraland was in the second position in terms of all the volume traded, the top 10 NFTs that sold at the maximum price were in the virtual world. An investor spent as much as 225000 MANA which is equivalent to $758250 on a virtual estate. According to DappRadar, Metaverse is the next big hit in the NFT sector. 

Read about the metaverse land sale in detail. 


Upgrade combining the security of Bitcoin and Ethereum based Smart contract taken live by Syscoin 

Syscoin is ready to take the upgrade combining the best features from Bitcoin and Ethereum live. This move is taken while keeping in mind the scalability with zk-rollups. 

Syscoin announced the launch of its Network enhanced virtual machine (NEVM) upgrade which will also bring Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) smart contracts into the network’s ecosystem. This upgrade will combine the best of traits from Ethereum and Bitcoin into one platform while helping the smart contracts to scale up for adoption on a global space. 

Read more about syscoin’s upgrade in detail. 


Crypto Market Trend December 7, 2021 

Here is a quick summary of the top crypto gainers and losers for the day. 

Top 3 Crypto Gainers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by December 7, 2021)  Change in % 
BitTorrent (BTT) ₹0.26 29.84%
Polygon (MATIC) ₹188.82 22.58%
Loopring (LRC) ₹203.16 23.89%

*Prices are latest by 11:30 AM December 7, 2021. *

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by December 7,  2021)  Change in % 
Algorand (ALGO) ₹142.16 6.03%
USD Coin (USDC) ₹79.62 3.15%
Tether (USDT) ₹79.67 3.19%

*Prices are latest by 11:30 AM December 7, 2021. *

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