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Daily Crypto News Nov 28, 2021:ETH better than BTC says Analyst

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Its been just 12 years since Bitcoin came into existence and it has been enjoying the status of the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, according to the analysts of JPMorgan, Ethereum seems to be a better alternative than Bitcoin in the years to come. Although, Ethereum is way behind Bitcoin in market capitalization according to experts it’s way better to bet on a diversified portfolio including Ethereum rather than betting all into Bitcoin. Read more on this below. 

Amidst all the Bitcoin crashes and major price crashes of other cryptocurrencies, Tether FUD has gained a lot of attention. Tether has been accused of printing more USDT  to pump Bitcoin prices. Although there is no solid evidence of the same Tether has constantly found itself in this controversy. Read about it in detail below. 

The Solana blockchain game, SolChicks has been gained a lot of attention in the past seven days with its social media influence growing by more than 500% within 7 days. It has also topped many charts including rank 1 in CoinMarketCap. Read more about this game in detail below. 

Before heading into all the latest happenings around the crypto sector let’s find out the top gainers and losers for the day. 

Crypto Market Trend  November 28, 2021 

Top 3 Crypto Gainers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by November 28, 2021)  Change in % 
Phoenix Global (PHB) ₹56.28 6.21%
Basic Attention token (BAT) ₹128.19 10.72%
UMA (UMA) ₹1084.77 3.57%

*Prices are latest by 10:30 AM November 28,2021. *

Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by November 28,  2021)  Change in % 
Curve (CRV) ₹355.23 14.28%
Chromia (CHR) ₹69.91 14.02%
Siacoin (SC) ₹1.86 13.61%

*Prices are latest by 10:30 AM November 28,2021. *

Daily Crypto News  Nov 28, 2021

JP Morgan believes that Ethereum is a Better Investment than Bitcoin 

A recent report released by JPMorgan analysts evaluated the potential and the respective growth of cryptocurrencies. The report although recognizes the capabilities as well as advantages of Bitcoin but the report clearly calls Ethereum the leading cryptocurrency of the near future. 

The analysts say that although Bitcoin’s market capitalization is quite high when compared to Ethereum if the interest rates rise, the tides are sure to turn in favor of Ethereum. According to the analysts, a diversified portfolio is more attractive given the rising interest around DeFi, NFT, and the blockchain gaming sector. And this is considered way safer than solely betting on Bitcoin which is still known in the market because of its volatility. 

Read more on why JPMorgan analysts believe Ethereum to be a better investment than Bitcoin here. 

Source: Citytelegraph

Tether FUD: What is the reason behind the $1 Billion USDT print? Will the BTC price pump up? 

With the top cryptocurrencies facing a major crash, the entire crypto market is undergoing another bearish cycle this week. Bitcoin failed to hold the $55000 mark and is currently trading below it. Amidst all the pressure from the bears, another FUD has developed in the market given Tether’s latest issuance. The Tether cryptocurrency is often accused of pumping the BTC market by printing additional USDT. There is no solid evidence of this claim, but this controversy indeed acts like adding fuel to the fire. 

Read more on the Tether FUD controversy and how it can affect the BTC price pump. 

Source: Coingape

SolChicks, a Solana play to earn game IDO is breaking crypto records 

The most anticipated play-to-earn game, SolChicks, a game on the Solana blockchain has announced several leads up to its IDO launch on 26th November. Some of the major accomplishments and records broken in the past week included 50,000 players completing the SolChicks demo within the first week along with obtaining rank 1 on CoinMarketCap and rank 1 on the hottest NFT collection on Solanart. The game also achieved massive social media growth within seven days. The game also garnered attention from several private investors including famous VCs such as AirAngela, GD10, Golden Tree, Spartan, and MetaVest Capital to name a few. 

Read more on the records being broken by SolChicks and everything it holds for Solana. 

Source: Cryptoslate

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