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Crypto Market News: Bitcoin Price Tanks Down by 2.44% & Ethereum by 2.36%

Bitcoin price

Crypto Markets Swing Within the Same Range as Top 2 Cryptos Maintain a Stagnant Trend

The crypto space appears to have inculcated s range-bound consolidation. The top 2 cryptos are unable to break above their resistance while failing to drop below support levels too. The global crypto market cap again slips by nearly 2% since the opening of the day’s trade. Therefore, the previous day’s gains appear to be nullified, paying the way for a bearish weekend to prevail.

The top 2 cryptos, BTC & ETH tank down by 2.44% & 2.36% while another asset within the top 10 also plunges marginally. Interestingly, some assets like Stacks (STX), Helium (HNT) & Waves (WAVES) surged by 8.12%, 8.79% & 8.14%. On the other hand, Arweave(AR), Chainlink(LINK) & Theta Network (THETA) tank down by 11.29%, 6.75% & 4.67% at the press time. 


Price Trend  Price for June 16, 2022  Percentage change 
The global crypto  market cap  $949,843,832,687.508
The total crypto market volume $123,210,293,585.39
Bitcoin Price $20,469.50 -0.62%
Ethereum Price  $1,079.64 -0.90%

*All prices are latest by 10:30, 18 June 2022.

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Ethereum (ETH)

After the gigantic bull run in Q1 & Q2,2021, the ETH price has depleted hard since the Q4 that is carried on until now. The prices are currently fighting to regain the levels above INR 1 Lakh which were lost recently due to a couple of external factors. However, a bullish boost is expected to uplift the price in the upcoming quarters of 2022.

The ETH price is expected to undergo a notable uptrend somewhere in August which could be continued until the end of the yearly trade. No doubt it is pretty tough to regain the levels close to its ATH, yet prices may maintain a consolidated ascending trend and regain the INR 1.5 lakh by the end of Q3. Further to end the 2022 yearly trade, the price is expected to surpass INR 2 lakh and consolidated above INR 1.9 lakh, if it gets rejected.

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Crypto Price* Percentage Change
Waves (WAVES) INR 395.36 +9.09%
Stacks (STX) INR 30.05 +6.875
Helium ( HNT ) INR  937.28 +6.93%

*All prices are latest by 10:30, 16 June 2022.


Crypto Price* Percentage Change
Spell Token (SPELL) INR 0.06 -7.17%
Chainlink (LINK) INR 516.65 -8.03%
Curve (CRV) INR 54.16 -3.64%

*All prices are latest by 10:30, 18 June 2022.

Crypto Market Buzz

US lawmakers urge EPA to consider the potential benefits of crypto mining

14 U.S Senators have extolled the benefits of crypto mining in a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency. The group of senators claimed that mining could stabilize the energy grids and also cited how mining is done using flared gas and renewable energy resources could balance innovation with environmental protection.  

Source: Cointelegraph

Three Arrows Capital, a hedge fund hires financial experts amidst crisis

As the crypto market has tanked, its domino effect has reached far and wide. Three Arrows Capital – 3AC has hired legal and financial analysts to help find a solution for the lenders and investors. Kylie Daves in an interview said that they have believed in the institution of crypto and still do as per The Wall Street reports. 3AC is looking at the possible solutions which include selling off its assets to pay back the investors and being takeover by another company. 

Source: Finbold

Web3 News Global

MSTR relaxed over margin call amidst crypto prices falling like a pack of cards 

Microstrategy’s chief Michael Saylor claims that the form has enough collateral to pass through crypto winter. As per Wall Street Journal, the company’s shares fell at 25.18% This news has emerged after the firm has borrowed a huge amount to offer BTC to a larger audience. Even after BTC slipping to 20k the senior personnel at MSTR have implicitly claimed that a margin call is not on the cards. 

Source: Protos 


New Coin Market Capitalization Circulating Supply
SKALE Network (SKL) $180,745,474 3.53B SKL
Livepeer (LPT) $180,084,322 24,021,681.57 LPT
Efinity Token (EFI) $22,199,962 169,857,481.27 EFI
Band Protocol (BAND) $47,328,669 35,191,821.00 BAND

*All prices are latest by 11:10, 18 June 2022.

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