We would like to thank everyone who tried out our latest product, DCXmargin. We constantly strive to bring the most innovative products into the DCX ecosystem. This would not be possible without your support, and we cannot thank you enough for helping us with your feedback and valuable insights.

We would also like to use this opportunity to address another issue that we have faced since DCXmargin’s inception. We have had a huge surge of demand from margin traders, but an insufficient number of lenders - this led to us, unfortunately, having to limit the number of new registrations on DCXmargin.

In line with our goal of making DCXmargin more accessible, we have changed a few underlying terms:

  • Interest-Free trading for the first 24 hours, with 0.1% daily interest applicable thereafter.
  • Open Orders on Margin are capped at 30 days.

Also, We understand many of you are reaching out to the team to try out the DCXmargin product. Hence we’ve started a waitlist and we’ll onboard more users gradually to ensure a better experience on DCXmargin. You can apply for the waitlist here.

Thank you again for constant and unwavering support for CoinDCX.

Get on the DCXmargin Waitlist

We thank you for your commitment to CoinDCX, Happy Trading!