As is the case with most currencies, to truly understand a coin one must first know where it is used - and in the case of SRN, one of the most resilient coins in recent markets, we must also understand why it might be a good buy.

While the market faced a bloodbath that seemed to bring bad news for hodlers of crypto - a certain group not only prevailed but prospered! Those that held the Sirin Labs’ native token - SRN, were the luckiest, experiencing an almost 50% price jump in the last week itself!

Now, it is clear that SRN can more than survive a systemic crash and with a 48% jump recently it has proved itself to be a frontrunner in experienced traders’ watchlists - but why should you buy it?

Where can I use SRN?

SRN is a utility token, made exclusively for the Sirin Labs’ Ecosystem. Sirin Labs’ projects include the Sirin OS, Finney (more on this ahead), the SIRIN Dapp store and the Sirin Labs’ brick and mortar stores.  

Finney, the least straightforward sounding use case for SRN, is, in fact, the most interesting, and possibly the one that brought Sirin Labs so much traffic in the first place.

Finney, The Safest Smartphone:

Finney is the first smartphone that uses the world’s safest tech - blockchain at its base. The SIRIN OS is the only mobile operating system that uses blockchain tech, allowing users to store and use cryptocurrencies on their phones. The phone, however, is a marvel in and of itself.

The SIRIN OS on Finney has a build in cold storage wallet - making safely holding your cryptocurrencies much easier and much more convenient than otherwise.

The SIRIN OS also has an integrated app store of its own -dCENTER for decentralized apps on the blockchain. The SIRIN OS also has its own token conversion service, where you can exchange assets held in your waller for supported tokens.

Build with an Android base, users will have a familiar experience along with an extension beyond the Android OS to ensure the blockchain and wallet security. These factors will enable FINNEY™ to herald in mass adoption of blockchain technology.

A few notes about Finney:

The Finney’s on-device wallet has a revolutionairy 3-factor authentication: Biometric, Lock Pattern and Behavioural, with a behavior-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

The Device is also equipped with a hardware switch to further protect the wallet.

A promising future:

While the SIRIN Labs ecosystem seems like a very concentrated niche, this is only the case for the very, very immediate future. As long as smartphones are used, the need for devices like the SRN and Finney will grow exponentially.