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DCXRoundup 1.6: Weekly Updates from CoinDCX.


This week, the team at CoinDCX worked diligently to upgrade your experience on the platform. Listed below are a few updates and important additions we made to our platform over the last week.

Updating our App: Favourites Tab

After reading your feedback, we have officially added a “Favourites” Tab to our app. Simply click the ‘star’ icon for the coin you want to track and it will be added to your own personalized tab.

Update the app if you haven’t already!

We’re working on all the feedback we get from the CoinDCX community, so keep sharing your problems, and the team here will keep working to make your experience is as seamless and smooth as possible.

Adding new tokens:

This week we added 12 new tokens to our ever-expanding collection of tradable assets on CoinDCX.

Listed in clockwise order – our new tokens!

Note that for the time being, these coins are trade-only on the BTC market. Wallets to facilitate deposits and withdrawals will be live soon!

New Stablecoin on DCXInsta: USDT

This week we also added the Tether USD (USDT) to our instant buy and sell service – DCXInsta. You can now trade your favourite stablecoin on your favourite platform, CoinDCX, within seconds!

Stay tuned for more weekly reports and updates, brought to you by CoinDCX.

We are available for queries and further questions, reach out to us on our official channels and follow us for latest updates.

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