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DCX Insights 1.8 : Weekly Updates from CoinDCX.


This week, the team at CoinDCX worked diligently to upgrade your experience on the platform. Listed below are a few updates and important additions we made to our platform over the last week.

Earn interest on your crypto:

Starting now, you can earn interest on Bitcoin you hold on CoinDCX!

Users will earn 1.5% interest on deposits of over 0.5 BTC, compounded monthly.

Everyone can make merry and be jolly with #DCXmas.

Bear in mind that your BTC must be on our exchange for 30 days or more for interest gains to be applicable.

E-mail Notifications:

You will now receive emails when orders get fulfilled!

Simply relax, place your order, and you will receive an email as soon as your order is fulfilled – no need to constantly check your phone or your trade page!

Of course, you can still disable this and other features in your Settings.

Introducing- Support Bot:

This week, CoinDCX partnered with Intercom to release our own chat/support bot.

Red Intercom Bot in the bottom right.

The Intercom Bot is accessible on all CoinDCX pages, except the Trade page (so as to reduce clutter). We aim to take our customer support to the next level by having answers to most your questions ready, on-demand, and easily accessible.

With our support bot, you no longer have to fill out support tickets for most your queries – simply “Search for answers…” and get an instant response.

Introducing USDC markets on CoinDCX

We have introduced another market on our platform – USDC. Have you checked it out?

There are arbitrage opportunities in the USDC and USDT market on the platform.

We are the first Indian exchange to introduce the USDC market on our platform.

USDC market on CoinDCX

Stay tuned for more weekly reports and updates, brought to you by CoinDCX.

We are available for queries and further questions, reach out to us on our official channels and follow us for latest updates.

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