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Crypto Updates Nov 15, 2021: Top Crypto News for today

The cryptocurrency world saw a new Ethereum competitor gaining 150% within a week on 14th November. IOTX, a native token of an open-source blockchain-based protocol IoTex soared to new heights while other major cryptocurrencies continued to project mild corrections in their movements. Read more on this below. 

SEC rejects the bitcoin ETF application by VanEck. Many crypto enthusiasts saw it as the way to bitcoin futures however, all hopes have been crushed by SEC. It expressed its concerns regarding the unregulated crypto spheres which possess a threat to spot ETF. Read why SEC rejected bitcoin ETF below. 

One of the major concerns for all investors and traders using different trading tools is security and insurance. Although the crypto sphere is yet to be regulated there are many companies that have been offering insurance services for cryptocurrencies across the globe. Onedegree, Hong Kong based company becomes the first company in Asia to issue insurance on cryptocurrencies. Read more about this below. 

Before discussing the top happenings around the crypto world let’s quickly head to the top crypto market trend for today. 

Crypto Market Trend  November 15, 2021 

Top 3 Crypto Gainers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (latest by November 15, 2021)  Change in % 
Litecoin (LTC) ₹21856.24 7.22%
Dash (DASH)  ₹ 18611.69 2.26%
Cosmos (ATOM) ₹2645.30 2.16%


Top 3 Crypto Losers 

Cryptocurrency  Price (Latest by November 15,  2021)  Change in % 
Loopring (LRC) ₹ 237.10 5.19%
Sushi (SUSHI) ₹868.82 1.84%
OMG Network (OMG)  ₹929.59 4.71%


Crypto Updates November 15

IOTX, Ethereum Competitor soared 150% within a week 

IOTX a native token of an open source blockchain network IoTex soared more than 150% in the last week while other crypto projects have been showing corrections in their charts. IoTex is a smart contract platform that has been designed to power DApps (decentralized apps) as well as connects IoT (Internet of Things) devices. IOTX surpassed a market cap of $2,000,000,000 on November 8th.

Read about the IOTX cryptocurrency in detail here

Source: The Daily Hodl 

Onedegree, a HongKong based company to offer Insurance on cryptocurrencies.

Onedegree is a HongKong based virtual insurer that shall provide insurance services for digital currencies. This comes as a partnership of the company with local crypto exchanges. 

It shall become the first-ever insurer to underwrite insurance policies for cryptocurrencies across Asia competing with its counterparts in other parts of the globe. 

Wondering the amount of insurance to be provided per transaction? Read here. 


VanEck Bitcoin Spot ETF application rejected by SEC 

VanECk’s filing for bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been rejected by SEC. Many experts believe that ETF approval has a long way to go and might not get approved even by 2022. SEC believes that the lack of regulations around cryptocurrencies makes spot ETF vulnerable to malicious intents. 

While Bitcoin enthusiasts were really looking forward to Bitcoin ETF which would have eventually paved the way to bitcoin futures ETF, SEC has rejected the application submitted to it by VanECK in December 2020. Wondering what led to Bitcoin ETF rejection? Read here

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