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Top 5 DeFi Cryptocurrency tokens of 2021 I What is DeFi?

Every crypto enthusiast who is keen on being a part of the innovative marketplace should learn more about the top DeFi tokens, defi token prices, and their utilities. Although, the sudden surge in the DeFi marketplace has led to the emergence of new tokens.
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Revolutionizing Finance – AMA with Neeraj Khandelwal

The Indian crypto community has been going through a lot of back and forth in regards to where the Government stands with the regulations that they have been hinting at. To bring in a clear perspective to this very ongoing conversation, The Wolf of All Street, Scott Melker, and Neeraj Khandelwal, co-founder of CoinDCX, the largest crypto exchange in India, came together and hosted a live CoinDCX AMA session to answer the most commonly asked questions by the  Indian crypto community and where India stands with cryptocurrency.

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) tokens? Beginner’s guide

0 When Satoshi Nakamoto was bringing forth Bitcoin and all the possibilities along with it, he never would have been able to foresee that the world would one day buy digital art, Cryptokitties, celebrity music, Hashmarka etc. Similarly, it can ...

6 Bitcoin Millionaire Stories I Bitcoin Success Stories

0 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency stories are the new normal for investors and traders. The cryptocurrency boom in the finance sector has made sure to never cease to amaze us. Honestly, the sector is the intangible version of us humans! How ...

What is Bitcoin Halving? Effects and Altcoins

0 Bitcoin has captured the global market since the day it was made available for investors and traders. So much so, that many newcomers often equate BTC with cryptocurrency. Though it is not an entirely incorrect assumption, given Bitcoin alone ...

How to Get Started with Investing in Bitcoin

News around Bitcoin has been more frequent in the last couple of years. And why not? Institutions, the world's richest man, everyone wants to HOLD bitcoin for their profits. Read more to know why.

10 Random Facts about Ethereum I CoinDCX Go.

0 Snapshot: The beginning of Ethereum. 10 random facts about Ethereum. The Anime influence on ETH. While we talk about alt-coins, the first name that pops up is Ethereum. It is most definitely the most common altcoin to invest in. ...

The Road Ahead for India’s Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

0 Cryptocurrencies and global regulatory bodies have had a “Will They Won’t They” stance from the time of Bitcoin’s inception. From initial distrust and contempt from global regulators to curiosity, to gradual, cautious, acceptance, things have come a long way ...
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CoinDCX Monthly Report – February 2021.

0 February’21 had an amazing start with the CoinDCX Go app crossing the 50,000 download mark. A huge Thank You to all our community members and users.  CoinDCX’s dynamic efforts got recognized by Elon Musk! And we are definitely giddy about it. ...

Institutional Interest in Bitcoin and Trading in Cryptocurrencies.

Are Institutions behind the rising interest in bitcoin and bitcoin valuation? Bitcoin breached USD 50 level in early 2021 with companies like Tesla, BNY Mellon, Mastercard and MicroStrategy investing in the cryptocurrency asset. The article digs deeper into the bitcoin market cap analysis, institutional investments in BTC and developments in the crypto space.

10 random facts about Bitcoin I CoinDCX Go.

What is bitcoin? Here are some interesting facts about the most valued and the first cryptocurrency, which recently breached USD 50K in terms of value. Learn what makes this top cryptocurrency unique and interesting for global bitcoin traders and bitcoin enthusiasts alike!
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Life at DCX – January 2021.

0 As we welcomed the New Year we decided to open up our Mumbai office space for those who wanted to come to work from the office. It was a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues outside of ...
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Life at DCX – December Edition

0   Getting up every morning knowing I will solve a challenge that has never been attempted before – Well that’s how most of the employees in CoinDCX feel. There is a thrill, a curiosity and an immense sense of ...
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DCX Learn partners with Zubi

0 Snapshot: DCX Learn partners with Zubi to launch a cryptocurrency and blockchain course. Zubi is a Tech-ed platform aiming to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by providing information on skills in emerging technologies. This collaboration aims ...

ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) is now listed on CoinDCX

CoinDCX is pleased to announce the listing of the new digital asset ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) in the USDT markets on October 23, 2020. Read this blog to know more about ZPAE.

Lend on CoinDCX – Earn up to 16.25% APR

Lending in the crypto market has got added advantages and benefits than lending to traditional banks. Read this blog to learn about various advantages of lending in the crypto market, all the features for lending on CoinDCX and the benefits of lending on our platform.

[Competition Update]: T&C and Leaderboard

We aim to provide fair and equal opportunities to all and detest any unfair means that take place. Here is an updated T&C for the Trading Competition.