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Coin of the day — TenX (PAY)

Today is Day 3 of our 4 day long trading contest. Trade PAY for 12 hours (11AM to 11PM) today to keep your winning streak on and win the ultimate trading prizes at the end of the contest.


🚀 Today: Trade PAY in $BTC and $ETH markets to increase your volume for overall competition! 🚀🤑

**Let the #CryptoTrading begin! **🔥🔥
Visit to trade and WIN.

The competition starts at 11am on July 26, 2018 and ends at 11pm on the same day.

Traders will be ranked based on the total volume of trade (buy and sell) in all available pairs of the coin for all 4 days(today being Day 3) in the coin for the day.

At the end of 4 days, top 3 high volume traders will receive the following rewards 🔥

Rank 1- Tokens worth ₹15,000
Rank 2- Tokens worth ₹10,000
Rank 3- Tokens worth ₹5,000
Next 10 Top Trader will receive ₹2,000

About TenX (PAY)

TenX connects your blockchain assets to real world payment platforms. TenX enables users to spend their virtual currencies directly and conveniently at any merchant around the globe. There is no additional fee imposed and no prior conversions into any local currency.

Market Cap : $95,034,016 USD

Circulating Supply : 109,200,361 PAY

Total Supply : 205,218,256 PAY

PAY is listed on one of the world’s leading exchanges — Huobi.

🚀 Start trading PAY now and maintain your trading streak.

Winners will get their coins in their respective CoinDCX Pro wallets within 7 days after the conclusion of the competition. 🎊🎊

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