Support for Upcoming ETH Hard-Fork


We are glad to announce that CoinDCX will fully support the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard-Fork.

Kindly note that the Constantinople Hard-Fork is simply a change in Tech Protocol, and not a fork in the Utility Mechanism.

Essentially, this Hard-Fork will change the protocol mechanism of Ethereum Network from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake. This hard fork does not promise any new tokens in addition to the existing tokens in the network.

The Hard-Fork is scheduled to come into effect when the Ethereum Block-Height reaches #7280000.

Next Steps:

1) Check where you hold ETH (wallets, exchanges, other platforms) and bring them to platforms that support the Hard Fork

2) Note that CoinDCX fully supports the hard fork and your tokens should be on one such platform.

After you deposit your ETH, we take care of everything else and assure you that your funds are safe!

We thank you for your commitment to CoinDCX, Happy Trading!

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