Earn 2X Rewards by staking QTUM with CoinDCX

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  1. CoinDCX announces special project partnerships, and QTUM is one of the first projects to be part of this partnership
  2. For all new joiners to CoinDCX & staking QTUM with us get 2X staking rewards
  3. Users of CoinDCX also get to learn about QTUM through DCX Learn


Add “double rewards” to your vocabulary when it comes to QTUM Staking. CoinDCX, India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange announces it’s special project partnership series with QTUM as one of the first special partners. With QTUM being our Project of the Week, QTUM staking has become doubly rewarding on CoinDCX.

QTUM, our Project of the Week

CoinDCX and QTUM have joined hands to provide a variety of benefits to users on CoinDCX investing in QTUM. With the project of the week, CoinDCX aims to bring a special focus on strong projects in the market that add value to users at large.

Qtum is a platform built for business, mixing the strength of Bitcoin’s blockchain with Ethereum’s virtual machine.

Focusing on building a platform that helps businesses create smart contracts on the blockchain, QTUM is a toolkit first and foremost. Designed to be both robust and modular, QTUM can create small contracts to be used on most major blockchains.

By owning and staking QTUM, you gain the ability to validate transactions, and in turn, receive new QTUM issued by the protocol. Staking QTUM also provides voting rights, meaning users can use their holdings to vote on proposed software changes.

Doubling Rewards Offer

With the focus on the week on QTUM as a project, CoinDCX has made staking QTUM with us doubly rewarding for new joiners. Users who join CoinDCX during the offer period and stake QTUM will earn 2X staking rewards on their staked funds.

Here is what needs to be done:

  1. Register on CoinDCX between 31st August 2020 to 6th September 2020.
  2. Stake your QTUM with us by either depositing from an external wallet or buying with us
  3. At the end of the month, earn 2X Rewards on QTUM Staking

This offer is doubly rewarding for all new users joining CoinDCX. Further, free courses of QTUM are also available on DCX Learn for users to understand more about the project and add value to their trades.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Additional rewards will be given only to new users joining CoinDCX in the offer period
  • The upper cap of the promotional staking reward is up to 500 QTUM holdings per user. Beyond that user will receive a yield reward + Promotional yield of up to holdings of 500 QTUM tokens.
  • Old CoinDCX accounts are eligible for staking rewards but is not eligible for promotional staking rewards
  • The transfer should be done from the external exchange or wallet to CoinDCX. Users can also buy QTUM from CoinDCX to be eligible.
  • No referral code or coupon code required. The offer is available for all the users joining in the offer week.
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