Announcement: $XRP and $ETH are now live for trade in the INR market!

Now buy $XRP and $ETH against INR on CoinDCX, India’s favorite exchange

After our BTC/ INR open orderbook received a huge response from you, we are happy to announce the addition of 2 new tokens to our orderbook.

We have been working on this release for the past week and this is an exciting time for us at CoinDCX. The open INR orderbook brought a huge relief to Indian crypto traders and there’s a lot more in the pipeline for the coming weeks.

Did you start trading in the INR market yet? If not, start here. The INR orderbook is an exclusive product offering for you. Make the most of it and let us know how you enjoy trading in the INR market.

How to trade in $XRP/INR and $ETH/INR?

  • Login to CoinDCX. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up here.
  • Select INR market in the coin dropdown as shown here.
                                                                                INR Market  
  • Pick the coin you wish to trade in – $BTC, $ETH or $XRP
  • Start trading!

Note that: To buy $BTC, $ETH or $XRP in the INR market, you need INR in your CoinDCX INR wallet. To deposit INR, follow this. Process for INR deposits and withdrawals remains the same.

Why should I trade in the INR market?

  • INR market is a fiat-crypto market, it is considered relatively less volatile compared to crypto-crypto markets.
  • You can easily withdraw your profits after booking them. In a crypto-crypto trade, you first sell the crypto on DCXInsta and then you withdraw INR.
  • On DCXInsta you do not see the orderbook, INR markets come with an open orderbook which assures you of increased transparency.

Note: Standard fee of 0.20% applies to trading in the INR market.

So login to CoinDCX and start trading!

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