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Join CoinDCX Ambassador Program – The Pathbreaker Initiative


CoinDCX has always kept its promise to provide the simplest crypto services to its audience. We are humbled by the love and support we have received since the inception of CoinDCX in 2018. As our next step, we at CoinDCX want to build an exchange platform that caters to the needs and aspirations, of our users. Our target is to educate and empower more Indians to understand and join the decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We are under no illusions about the fact that doing this will require mobilizing people and building meaningful and inclusive communities. It is exactly this realization that has sparked our vision to launch this ambassador program, “The Pathbreaker Initiative”.

Who is a Pathbreaker?

As an official ambassador of CoinDCX, a Pathbreaker should be a self-starter who is able to carve their own path. As a Pathbreaker, you should be innovative enough to pioneer something original and have the caliber to implement your plans.

We aim to expand this initiative with the founding members, who can join us from amongst you. Yes! From day one, you’ll have the chance of becoming one of The Pathbreaker Initiative’s founding members. However, to start the journey, we have planned a few ways in which you can contribute.


Be an Educator

A good educator is someone who can not only teach but also guide and motivate.

As a pathbreaking Educator, you’ll have to:

  1. Introduce beginners in your community to the world of cryptocurrency and educate them about the possible scams and fraud;
  2. Answer questions of the beginners’ crowd;
  3. Instruct the beginners about security and how to protect their funds;
  4. Break all myths around legality and regulations; and
  5. Share facts and legitimate information on cryptocurrencies. 

Be a Leader

A true leader always guides others and takes the responsibility to empower them. 

As a pathbreaking Leader, you’ll have to:

  1. Organize meetups, both online and offline, in your local communities;
  2. Participate and represent CoinDCX at industry events;
  3. Lead your own community on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments; and
  4. Launch blockchain and cryptocurrency clubs and/or learning programs in your college/university.

Be a Content Creator

A killer content creator can generate a dynamic impact and add value to the reader’s life.

As a pathbreaking Content Creator, your main target is to:

  1. Help us create content that is relevant for the brand, such as blogs, YouTube videos, graphics, and memes; and
  2. Translate articles and other content in regional language to help the community members understand the cryptocurrency world better.
  3. Contribute original blockchain and cryptocurrency content, like blogs and videos, which explain and simplify cryptocurrency concepts. We’ll redistribute these contents through our online channels with due credits to you.

Be the Voice of Crypto on the internet

This profile represents CoinDCX as a brand, for which you have to be a huge fan of blockchain and cryptocurrency. You should also be willing to participate in brand building and promotion of CoinDCX.

As the Voice of Crypto, you’re expected to:

  1. Contribute to our existing community by moderating and answering questions as well as help us expand our subscriber base;
  2. Organize knowledge sessions like AMAs, workshops, quizzes, and webinars on the CoinDCX Telegram channel (Get creative and suggest your own formats);
  3. Create memes on cryptocurrency and CoinDCX benefits, campaigns, and so on. Yes, you read it right. We said memes! To learn how memes can help us, read this blog: ‘It’s Part and Parcel of Crypto’: How Memes Drive Narrative and Value;
  4. Be an active contributor on Telegram, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, and other online forums. Answer questions and debunk myths about cryptocurrency as an official CoinDCX Ambassador;
  5. Retweet and share our updates and campaigns on your social media handles; and

Be a Super Connector

Connections play a pretty vital role. They help us grow not just in life but in business too. 

To be a pathbreaking Super Connector:

  1. Do you know a great content creator or influencer? Connect us with them, we would like to work together;
  2. Do you know or have recommendations about a great educational content creator on tech and finance? Let us know, we’d love to work with them;
  3. Connect us to the best local language influencers and content creators in your region;
  4. Bring on board an expert on cryptocurrencies with who we can discuss and plan events and knowledge sessions; and
  5. Last but not the least, introduce CoinDCX to other cryptocurrency communities you’re part of.

How to become a Pathbreaker?

You can start by filling out the form. Once we receive your application, we’ll be in touch with you soon to guide you through the process. 



We’re so delighted that you’re interested in joining us as an ambassador! We can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to the foundation of The Pathbreaker Initiative.

What will you get as a Pathbreaker?

There is no doubt that we value your contribution, but we also believe that rewards and recognition are great motivators! As a CoinDCX Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • Reward for every AMA, meetup (online and offline) that you organize.
  • Reward for every blog/video/meme or other content pieces that you create.
  • The reward for every successful connection that you facilitate with an influencer, a content creator, and/or an education/community partner.
  • The reward for every idea you suggest for a contest/engagement activity that gets selected.
  • Recognition as a Pathbreaker for top 5 contributors with 100 points or more every month (details to be disclosed after applying).

What do we expect from a Pathbreaker?

You’re more than welcome to join The Pathbreaker Initiative, but to become an ambassador in the truest sense, you’ll have to have the dedication and zeal to contribute significantly to tasks and actions for the growth of CoinDCX. 

  • Be an active member on social media platforms. 
  • Support your fellow ambassadors, CoinDCX, and cryptocurrency at large.
  • Answer questions for fellow Indians on Quora, Twitter, and other platforms with the official ambassador program hashtags.
  • Be absolutely kind and respectful to others. Not everyone has the same amount of knowledge, and there are no bad questions. Try to be helpful and build a connection with people.
  • Think beyond rewards. While of course rewards will be based on your contributions, this could be your chance to contribute to something beyond rewards; something paramount.

What do we offer our Pathbreakers?

All successful members of The Pathbreaker Initiative are entitled to the following privileges.

  1. You’ll receive exclusive merchandise designed only for CoinDCX Ambassadors.
  2. Get a chance to be featured on our website with your contributions.
  3. You’ll be invited for early access to new features and products.
  4. We want to create cryptocurrency leaders, and we’ll help you achieve this target by providing the learning opportunities and skills needed for the same.
  5. Join the CoinDCX team for an annual Ambassador-only getaway.
  6. We’ll ensure to promote your content at the right place to help you achieve your personal goals as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and evangelist.
  7. More importantly, we’ll be all eyes and ears to your suggestions on how we can improve or assist you.
  8. You have a chance to be part of CoinDCX exclusive events, workshops, and meetups, like:
  • Meet other ambassadors and like-minded people from the cryptocurrency community.
  • Meet core team members of CoinDCX.
  • Get early access to CoinDCX resources.
  • Earn special rewards on completing your targets and/or for showing exceptional performance.

Although your contributions and efforts will certainly be rewarded, this isn’t just a transactional exercise. Our goal is to educate more Indians about cryptocurrency and how to invest in them smartly. We realize we can only do this by working along with believers like you and creating more leaders in this industry. Thus, it is important to us that your motivations be aligned with ours and not be driven by the rewards only. There might come some hard days, but we promise to stick with you through them. Grab this opportunity to work with us and take CoinDCX to a whole new level.


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